Scholarship Condos - Landmark
A new and well-kept set of private dormitories for high-performing students and some faculty at Ephesus University and TIAS. Residential fees are heavily subsidized by some of the city’s more enlightened corporations (such as UI and EdenTech) either directly or through associated foundations, in the hopes of getting first crack at valuable graduates, gathering good press, and simply to benefit the greater community. Residential scholarships in these buildings are awarded by a panel made up of faculty from both universities and representatives of the donating corporations (composition of this panel is set such that the corporations are in the minority and either university could veto their choices, to avoid any appearance of impropriety or corruption).
The faculty tenants are generally beloved by the student residents, although few stay more than a few years before moving on to more conventional housing.
While properly named "Scholarship Condos," their nickname at both benefitting institutions is "The Eggheads" for the nature of their inhabitants. .
The facility consists of two buildings, "East Egg" and "West Egg". In-lore, both have similar composition (students from both universities are intermixed for the benefit of both). In game terms, East Egg is largely instanced-only and used primarily for missions or contacts that require such a facility. West Egg is reserved as an entrance for player housing. (Tech will determine if PC’s can be assigned to individual rooms, if the door leads to a generic room in an unspecified part of the building, a secret base underground, or what).
Scholarships are awarded on a combination of merit (to students demonstrating aptitude and skill) and need. A small number of faculty members also reside there, in subsidized apartments much larger and better furnished than the students dorm rooms. These apartments are occupied by faculty (typically younger ones with little or no family) who have demonstrated an eagerness and aptitude to work with and improve student’s lives outside of their classroom duties. The faculty members are chosen by the same panel that grants student scholarships in the building; by convention faculty members are nominated by board members of the other university, to minimize the effects of internal academic politics in the selections.