We Are Gearing Up for Spring!
Dear Scholarship Plus Community,

We are in the throes of application review for our 2018 class! We had a record 705 applications started — a whopping 32% increase from last year.

It proves to us what we’ve known all along: the need for scholarships is not going away — it is growing. We are working hard to increase our fundraising efforts to meet this need.

Spring is especially hope-filled for all of us at Scholarship Plus. We will decide on our new class in early April, and you will get the chance to meet all of them at our annual event in June. We will be sending more details shortly.

Our students are well into their second semester at schools around the country. The first months for our newest class are always a bit bumpy — but we're there for the bumps. We checked in with them at least three times over the course of the first semester. One student described her term as “confusing, exciting and challenging.” That struck us as a pretty fair summary of the experience. We are continuously working with all our scholars to support them in the confusing and challenging, and celebrate them in their exciting moments.

Thank you for supporting us in all our moments, too.

Kate Fenneman Stokes, Executive Director
Soma Golden Behr, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor
Melanie Rosen Brooks, Co-Founder and Director
Meet Senior Director Anna Antoniak
At our 2017 Summer Gathering, Anna (center) was serving as Vice-Chair of our Associate Board that addressed new scholars about challenges and pitfalls during college, and why they are okay.
With Kate’s transition to Executive Director last year, and Scholarship Plus’ strategic mission to double our impact with 20 students per class, we have hired the organization’s second full-time hire! Anna Antoniak has joined the team as the Senior Director to lead student programming. This addition has helped Kate focus on necessary fundraising and strategic planning during our growth period. Anna has over a decade of higher education experience, and oversaw student support initiatives at NYU's study abroad site in Sydney, Australia — a program she helped grow and run. She is a product of NYC public schools, a 2001 Seinfeld Scholarship recipient, and a graduate of Amherst College (B.A., English and French) and NYU (M.A., International Education). Her experience and passion for Scholarship Plus have already made a great impact on the program.

2017 scholar Nogaye and new staff member Anna interviewed each other to help you get to know them both.
Here is what they learned...
Nogaye proudly holding her Boston University pennant at last year's Awards Night where she and her teacher were honored.
Anna (right) with 2013 scholar Aixin at the Associate Board's launch party and fundraiser in September 2017.
Questions for Nogaye
What was your favorite part of last summer’s programming? My favorite part was working with the [New York Public Radio] employees. They really taught me more than the job itself; they gave me lessons and tips for life after college, and getting a job and finding a job and working with other people. They really made it feel like a community there.

How is this semester going?  Second semester is a lot better — but harder! I took a lot more core classes at once but am getting a better handle on things. I know what to expect coming into class, like working around deadlines instead of working up to last minute. I feel like I’ve gotten more independent. In the first semester tried to do everything on my own, but I realized that wasn’t really working for me. I realized ... office hours are not only for when you need help.

Do you have a message for your sponsor or the SPlus community?
...Students who do work hard and students who have a passion toward things, they can only go so far to have an opportunity or have a chance. It’s programs like this that give students a push to go further and do more than what is expected of them.

Questions for Anna
If you could re-do your college years, what changes would you make?  Good question! I might have been a little bolder with my course choices. I went to Amherst College, a liberal arts college that had no core curriculum, and yet as a high achiever in high school, I was sometimes afraid of exploring courses where I thought I might fail. For example, I think an introductory philosophy course might have served me well!

What do you hope to accomplish with Scholarship Plus?  My driving forces are equity and access. I am excited to work closely with the summer program development and maintaining those two tenets, as well as community-building, at the very core of what we do, as Scholarship Plus has always done. ... READ MORE

Janny Scott has been a pod leader since 2013.
She shared with us why she does it.
"The most moving feature of Scholarship Plus is the extraordinary young people who pass through it, and the teachers and mentors it celebrates each spring. But perhaps the sweetest feature of the program is the partnerships of friends who come together to help sustain a fledgling scholar through four years of college.

The pods, as the donor groups are known, offer a rare opportunity to collaborate closely with friends in an enterprise that is uniquely hopeful. Sometimes, the experience brings with it an unexpected gift — the chance to get to know a remarkable young person and to witness their progress into adult life." ... READ MORE

Janny Scott, journalist and author
Do you know an organization that needs a summer intern? Our scholars are looking.
As you know, our scholars are smart and hard-working. They are also grateful for the opportunity to work in professional environments.

Internships hosts have also benefitted from the scholars' contributions. One New York Public Radio internship supervisor, Jami Floyd, the host of "All Things Considered", said of her SPlus intern, "Jennifer is proving to be a quick study and useful member of her team."
2016 scholar Muhammad at his summer internship hosted by New York Public Radio.
Have an internship lead? Please contact Executive Director Kate Fenneman Stokes.