Working Together to Grow a Vibrant Economy
Nine Phelps County graduates are planning to return to Phelps County to work after receiving scholarship money to study in high-demand fields. Find out which local students will be on future Phelps County payrolls:
Work has finally started on Holdrege's new baseball/softball complex. What is expected to be completed on the project this summer, and when will the new fields be ready for play?
Dirt Work Begins on Holdrege's New Field of Dreams

A new subdivision could boost Holdrege's population as early as late next year. Discover more about plans for housing growth in Holdrege and PCDC's role in those plans in this month's housing update story.

A contract with a nationwide marketing firm has revealed some interesting statistics about what businesses are needed in Phelps County. With that data in hand, PCDC is now taking action.
How Vegas Will Help Holdrege Grow

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