Newsletter for February 2022

Glen Herbert
The Grenadines Initiative
We're happy to be launching our 2022 scholarship program, which we hope will be our biggest offering yet. For many years we’ve offered in-country scholarships to offset expenses (transit, supplies) associated with access to secondary school programs. Selection criteria include exam results and personal aspirations. Funds are used to buy travel vouchers and supplies, at the direction of the Learning Centre Board, which are then given to the recipients at the beginning of each semester. A minimum grade attainment is required for a recipient to remain a beneficiary of the scholarship program, and grades are reviewed by the Board each term.

We’ve also been working to expand our ability to help students access post-secondary programs, something that we’re formalizing this year. Recently we've been able to help students access post-secondary programs in the CARICOM region and beyond. They include Kenshia Richards, who is currently enrolled in a personal support worker degree program in Toronto. Similarly, Rhea Simmons is at Waterloo University enrolled in environmental studies. Jamell Ollivierre is in Chicago undertaking his clinical rotations at Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Centre for the next 18 months leading to his becoming a M.D. Jenique Glynn is attending ADE, Primary Teacher Education program at St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. This in addition to 4 elementary students and 14 secondary students currently receiving scholarships to attend school on Bequia and St. Vincent.
Those students join countless others who, over the years, have benefited from The Learning Center scholarships. Lauriel Stowe, for one, is beginning her post secondary studies this year. (I profiled her a few years ago, following her to school one day.) Kadeen Hazell attended the Learning Centre, was a scholarship recipient, and ultimately, through financial support offered by donors, went on to study at Canadore College in Ontario, where he was elected valedictorian of his graduating class. (You can read his valedictorian address, which is awesome, by clicking here.) When Gabby Ollivierre attended culinary school at SAIT in Calgary, she, too, was head of her class.
We are now accepting applications for elementary and secondary students intending to study at schools on Bequia and St. Vincent, and post-secondary students intending to enrol at institutions within the CARICOM region.

For the application for elementary and secondary financial support, CLICK HERE. Paper applications will be available at the Learning Center in Port Elizabeth, and schools on Bequia.

For the application for post-secondary support, CLICK HERE.

Completed applications can be sent to me electronically via email or delivered in person to The Learning Center. They are due no later than March 30. For more information on the scholarship program you can reach me at the contacts below or by responding to this email.
Glen Herbert
Executive Director
Ph: 289 439 7052
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