Scholarton Neighborhood
Scholarton is an area of old residences, mostly Victorian houses that managed to survive the fire. In parts that were not burnt to the ground in 1908, the original streets still survive.
These old streets are uncomfortably narrow and very poorly planned - leading into each other at odd angles, zigzagging for no apparent reason, and abruptly ending at inconvenient points - leading nonresidents often refer to the neighborhood as 'The Maze'.
The name 'Scholarton' was initially sarcastic, but after a while the scholars in question decided it appealed to their egos and so it stuck. Now the wealthier professors and administrators from Ephesus University wear it as a badge of pride, and there is some degree of competition among them to live here, both for the pedigree and for the fact that it is very convenient to the university campus proper.
There are some students from the University who live here as well. Most are from very wealthy families and rent the houses for themselves, sometimes bringing servants in with them, and sometimes simply inviting their closest friends from the university to live there with them. This last trend is something known as a 'Clique House' on campus and often sets eyes to rolling when mentioned. The exception is the occasional very wealthy student who essentially turns their own home into an informal frat house, which has a tendency to win them a certain amount of popularity.
Some other arrangements in the area include houses maintained by corporations, which are set up to house up-and-coming scholarship students. The aim here is for the companies to endear themselves to brilliant students so that they can more easily get these people to go to work for them after graduation. This being Titan City, such students are often of Comicbook Supergenius caliber and tend to have impressive technological achievements under their belt already.
The most noteworthy of these are two houses is maintained by Ultimate Innovations.
Compounding the elitism is a small gated community at the heart of Scholarton. While these houses are never owned by professors themselves, many of them are summer homes for absurdly wealthy alumni.
With the insular nature of the neighborhood, it is common for strange things to go overlooked here. There is a haunted house in the area, “Certified Haunted” by a renowned Spiritologist, which the locals are actually rather proud of, much to the purported consternation of the ghosts involved.
Mysterious cults will sometimes take root here, as will other shady organizations run by the wealthy; they often have the wholehearted support of the locals, since students are impressionable and the professors will believe just about anything so long as it isn't 'mainstream'.
With its proximity to Byrne Park, the neighborhood maze has many outlets into nature and then back into cobblestone streets.
Scholarton has many secret corners to get lost in and is a favorite neighborhood to explore in Titan City!