Dear Educator,

NJCTL can help your students learn remotely during school closures. 

Our free, comprehensive digital course materials support students learning K-12 and AP science, mathematics, and computer science. These include presentations, labs, tests, homework, formative assessments, etc. and are available at: 

In addition, online self-study courses for students are being made available for free until June 30, 2020 in the following subjects: 
  • Middle school mathematics
  • High school mathematics, chemistry, and physics
  • AP computer science, physics and chemistry

Online self-study modules contain videos of direct instruction and embedded formative assessment. Students receive immediate feedback and can watch videos showing how to solve each problem. Modules also include self-scoring multiple-choice quizzes and virtual labs, as well as links to classwork and homework. Students move asynchronously through the material you assign by watching instructional videos recorded by highly qualified, experienced educators. 

When you sign up below to access the online self-study courses, you will receive instructions for student access, as well as short videos to help you, and your students, navigate the materials. 
Online self-study courses include: 

  • MATH2401: Pre-Algebra (covers curricula grades 6-8)
  • MATH2403: Algebra I 
  • MATH2405: Geometry 
  • MATH2407: Algebra II 
  • MATH2409: Precalculus 
  • CHEM2701: Chemistry 
  • CHEM2703: AP Chemistry Semester 1 
  • CHEM2705: AP Chemistry Semester 2 
  • PHYS2601: Algebra-Based Physics 
  • PHYS2603: AP Physics 1 
  • PHYS2605: AP Physics 2 
  • PHYS2631: AP Physics C: Mechanics 
  • PHYS2633: AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 
Computer Science 
  • CSCI2313: AP Computer Science A Semester 1 
  • CSCI2315: AP Computer Science A Semester 2
If the course you are teaching doesn’t have a self study course available, our files can be posted, or linked directly, through Google Classroom or your school’s LMS. If your students don’t have access to technology, files can be printed and sent home with students. Here are some suggestions:
  • PDFs of our presentations can be shared with students, either the whole file or separated into smaller chunks.
  • Transfer our formative assessment questions to Google Forms, Kahoot!, or an LMS of your choice.
  • Assign the Word file or PDF of the classwork-homework questions. 

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