Dear Parents:

After three weeks of learning beyond the classroom, we trust our families and faculty are enjoying a break in scheduled and task filled, off campus school days and find renewal in rest and play.

We had hoped to welcome our students back on campus on April 15th. However, with continued vigilance for everyone's health, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that schools and non-essential businesses are to remain closed through April 29th.  

After the break, we look forward to launching our streamlined learning platform "MLWS Connect".  This platform will include built in features to safeguard privacy whilst using ZOOM. S tay tuned for more information about MLWS Connect.

When a call for longer isolation and distance dominates, our faculty and staff are faced daily with many decisions on how to best serve our children and families. Please know that, at the heart of each decision in these turbulent times, lies human striving, grace, flexibility, and the chance to discover the meaning of and how to be in community. May we all take this opportunity to care for one another and to penetrate the social mission of Waldorf education anew.

Wishing you health and continued connection,
Susan and Patricia