​School Closure Support
While the occasional snow day is a welcome surprise, and vacations a time we look forward to, closing school for extended periods of time due to an "invisible" virus can be a scary time for kids on a few levels. Closures also heap additional strain on teachers and parents as they work to switch to online or at-home learning and to keep kids engaged until they can return to their desks and normal routines. 

CreositySpace is providing lessons from our  Contagion Crushers Water Watchers and   Conscientious Chemists  units at no cost to help support teachers—parents and guardians, too—to keep all kids engaged in science. We’ve also included a list of fun STEM activities teachers, parents and grandparents can use until students return to the classroom.

As will all our units, lessons and activities are anchored around the stories, inventions and businesses of today's entrepreneurs. Contagion Crushers and Water Watchers will let you connect your naturally curious students to the stories of Colleen and Huda—two STEM entrepreneurs on the front lines of tackling complex global challenges.
Although these lessons are  simplified versions  of our  standard curriculum , they still engage students in the practices of exploration and critical thinking while giving them a chance to work on their reading, writing, and innovation skills. And we’re only a phone call or email away to answer questions and brainstorm lesson modifications should the need arise. 
Innovation-driven Phenomena for
K-5 Classrooms