Dear Knights:

As you have been hearing in the news, schools will be closed until further notice. Our teachers will be conducting lessons through Google Classroom and other online resources. Please follow their directions for completing third quarter work. The quarter will end on Friday as scheduled. Any make-up work should be arranged with your individual teachers. They will be turning in 3rd quarter grades by April 2. Next week, March 23 to 27, is still Spring Break. Teachers will not be providing lessons during vacation.  

If we don't return as scheduled after Spring Break, teachers will be ready to conduct all 4th quarter work online until we are able to return to campus.

If you need to retrieve books or personal items from your lockers, the hallway doors will be open today from 1:00 to 3:00 PM and tomorrow from 10:00 AM to Noon. If you come to get books, please maintain a safe 6 foot distance from other people, and leave the campus as quickly as possible.  

All school functions are canceled, including tutoring, sports, practices, EVERYTHING. My instructions to you are to STAY HOME and be safe. It is apparently true that young people don't seem to get sick from the virus, but they do carry it to their older family members.
We are fortunate that all of our administrative and financial work can be done on line as well. We will extend the sign up time for next school year and let parents know when the new deadlines will be.

I look forward to the day we can open our doors again and come back to school. As I reminded the teachers, we are all "together" even when we can't see each other.

Class Presidents: Please use whatever methods you have to make sure all of you constituents get this message. Thank you.

Ms. Bennett