Nov. 17, 2022
School Consolidation Vote Update
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Dear Team DPS, 

This evening, just before the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education voted on the Declining Enrollment plan, I adjusted the list of recommended schools for consolidation to just two, Denver Discovery School (DDS) and Math and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA). Last week, I pared down the original recommendation from 10 schools to five. All of these efforts were made, including my adjustments to the recommendations, to ensure that our students are able to receive the quality education and support services they deserve, while at the same time starting to address the $36 million budget shortfall that is anticipated for us over the next three years.

This evening, Board members voted not to approve this plan. Rest assured that my team and I will continue to do our best to provide all of our students with the best educational opportunities we can provide. We will also continue to be as fiscally responsible as we can, given the current budgetary situation.

I want to thank the administrators and staff at each of the ten schools for their work during this process. The budget crisis that we are facing as a District is not expected to go away. Following their vote, the Board pledged to provide direction to move the District forward. I look forward to engaging with the community and with the Board to develop other ways that we can address the crisis.


Dr. Alex Marrero
DPS Superintendent
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