Spring 2019 
Snoqualmie Valley Schools   Construction Update
Mount Si High School Construction Progress  

Construction of the new Mount Si High School remains on budget and on schedule -- to be ready to serve students in the fall.

If you missed the Winter 
video update,  watch it now

For the most recent photos, however, please scroll below to see many exciting  developments taking place . T he   April 15 Progress Report  from the Project Manager also has details on the progress underway and work completed.  

Following the construction photos, be sure to learn about work happening to convert  the Freshman Campus into Snoqualmie Middle School over the summer.     

For caption reference below, Areas A-F are currently under construction and will open in the fall of 2019. 

Areas G-H represent the new Performing Arts Center set to open January 2021.

View from Meadowbrook Avenue of the new Mount Si High School, April 2019.

Preparing to install doors and casework in the main office, March 2019.

In Area C, one of the Commons areas for students to gather.

On the roof between Areas B and C, 
greenhouses for the agricultural science program are framed.

Pouring concrete in the courtyard platform that connects the buildings.

Building benches in courtyard, Area B, with planters pending landscaping.

More outside seating for students with a view to Mount Si.

Landscaping has begun in the interior terraced courtyard 
leading up from ground-level parking, that lies between Areas C, D and F. 

Example of wall covering in a hallway of classrooms, Area A.

One of the many shared learning spaces created for collaboration opportunities.

A safety shower and eye wash (left) installed in a science lab, Area A.

Attractive ceiling /lighting work completed in the two-story Commons of Area A.

Another view from the glassed-in Commons of the Freshman Building (Area A), looking toward other buildings on campus.

A Food Service Kiosk in Area C.

The Food Court space in Area C.

The Fire Suppression System is one of many vital infrastructure systems embedded in the building.

Installing toilets, tiling and bathroom stall doors, Area A.

Mirrors installed in the airy weight room (left and end walls), Area E.

The interior wall of the weight room features display cases that can be viewed from the hallway as well, Area E.

Hallway leading to locker rooms now have wall coverings, Area E.

Concrete foundations for locker bays in a locker room near the gym, Area E.

Installing lighting high above the main gym, after sheet rock was completed and basketball hoops and speakers installed, Area F in February.

Installing acoustic panels and speakers in the gym ceiling_ Area F.
The gym was painted and acoustic panels hung from the ceiling in March, Area F.

Installing a huge court curtain will enable separation between events in the main gym.

Decorative paneling and scoreboards added to main gym, 
with subflooring in process, Area F.

Impressive wooden flooring was laid across main gymnasium in April, Area F. (Bleachers will be added to the gray walls on either end in the coming weeks.)

This auxiliary gym in Area E, adjacent to the main gym, is nearly completed with finished floors, wall mats installed under the hoops, and decorative gray paneling on the walls. The panels (above right, far wall) are retractable mirrors for PE, dance and cheer activities. The hoist on the ceiling will help move and lower floor mats to the main gym for wrestling and gymnastic competitions.

First elevator installed in Area A connects the parking garage to the floors above.

Bold direction guides are planned throughout the covered parking area to help direct visitors where to enter and exit, Area D.

Concrete is poured for the loading dock, sidewalks and stairs, on the back side of the school, near Area C.

On the front (Meadowbrook Ave.) side of the school, sidewalks and curbs have been added and landscaping begun, as seen here from the corner of Area A.

In March, demolition of Mount Si's "3rd Gym" was necessary to make way for laying sewer, plumbing and other vital utilities for the main complex, Area G.

Once utilities are laid, this passage will become a service road that runs between the school and stadium, Areas E and G.

And, let us not soon forget the extraordinary Snowmageddon storms of February 2019! Kudos to our Project Manager Clint Marsh, Contractor Spee West Construction, and all the many workers committed to keeping this project on track, despite severe weather.

This overview shows the timeline of the construction phases, with the majority of the new MSHS to be completed by September 2019. Subsequent areas will be completed in the order shown above: new baseball fields (February 2020), new Performing Arts Center (December 2020), and additional exterior parking where the auditorium currently stands (April 2021). 
Converting the Freshman Campus into a Middle School
The 2015 Bond which is funding the high school construction, included funding to convert  the Mount Si High School Freshman Campus (located at 9200 Railroad Avenue in Snoqualmie) into Snoqualmie Middle School (SMS). 

Preparations over the past few months included: middle school visioning, confirming student enrollment, balancing staff assignments, and designing a new school logo. Currently the leadership and operations teams are reviewing capital needs at SMS that include:
  • Library/media center
  • Exterior Paint and signage
  • Conference rooms/office spaces
  • Extra-curricular programming
  • Curriculum
  • Equipment
Students, staff and families helped choose the new SMS logo.
For more information:   Visit the district website at: 
www.svsd410.org   and click on the  Facilities Planning and Construction icon for progress on bond projects. MSHS construction updates, videos, and monthly status reports have been archived online throughout the building process.

Thank you for supporting Snoqualmie Valley schools!