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October 2015

School destroyed by hurricane looks to modular buildings beyond disaster recovery, and as an enabler for growth and fundraising
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Team Oracle USA Builds Bermuda Base With Nadler Modular Structures

Team Oracle USA constructs their new America's Cup Bermuda Racing Headquarters in record time, with the help of Nadler Modular Structures.

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Hurricane Recovery with Nadler Modular Structures Becomes School's Long-Term Strategy              

With recent hurricane activity in the Atlantic including Hurricane Joaquin, Nadler Modular Structures and client Priority-1 Torah Academy, are reminded of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy almost exactly three years ago.
In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy moved from the Caribbean up towards New England, causing great damage to numerous cities bordering the Eastern Seaboard.  Among those was the town of Bayswater, a small community on a peninsula near New York City and home to Priority-1 Torah Academy, a Jewish Orthodox day school.  

"Our school was completely destroyed, and we needed a fast and cost effective solution to get our students back in the classroom," explained Rabbi Shaya Cohen, Founder and Administrator of Priority-1. "Nadler Modular had a very good reputation among our community, so we looked to them for help.  In just a few months our new classrooms were built and move-in ready, and there was no compromise on quality.  These buildings are made to last."

Rabbi Cohen and his staff have come to learn that modular construction offers schools the benefits of not just faster construction speed and increased flexibility, but can also help improve the success of critical fundraising campaigns.

"Our donors appreciated the value and frugality that's associated with modular construction," said Rabbi Cohen.

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