School District Survey For Child Care Providers

Good afternoon, Partners!

The ELC of Broward is working with the Broward County School District on a survey to try and gauge countywide resources in an effort to find high-quality learning spaces for school-age children. 

These spaces would be used by small groups of school-age children to spend each full weekday (in most instances) engaged in their virtual public school classes, staying on-site and engaged in after-school activities.

The survey also asks you to identify the resources you may need to provide these types of services. While there is no promise that these resources can be provided, knowing what the needs are will help guide a countywide collaborative solution.

We kindly ask that you complete this brief survey by Tuesday, August 4 . We appreciate your cooperation on this time-sensitive matter.

Please click on the link below to complete the survey. 

Thank you,
ELC of Broward