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School Gardens Grow Eco-Literate, Caring 21st Century Citizens 
We know that today's children spend far less time outdoors than their parents and grandparents. Whether it is the lure of the TV screen or fear of neighborhood violence, kids are spending more of their waking hours between four walls than out in fresh air and sunshine. The truth is, children need to be outdoors and for more reasons than just to stretch their legs and play. When children are given opportunities to interact with the natural world, they are more likely to grow into caring, environmentally-conscious adults. Luckily, schools are beginning to recognize the benefits of taking instruction to the out-of-doors and nowhere is this more apparent than the school garden. 
Building a Greenhouse with Other People's Garbage

David Ropa, a 7th grade science teacher at Spring Harbor Environmental Magnet Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin, discusses how students played a role in construction of their school's greenhouse, the lessons learned along the way, and how the greenhouse is expanding garden-based learning opportunities at Spring Harbor. 
A Teacher's Most Powerful Tool

Joe Ludes, Instructional Coach with REAL School Gardens, reveals the story behind his passion for teaching from the garden and offers advice for teachers looking to take their classes outdoors.
The Good Food Machine: Changing Young Lives and Mindsets through the Power of Growing Healthy, Fresh Food in School

Katie German with FoodShare Toronto describes how her organization has adapted the Green Bronx Machine's model to create the Good Food Machine, a school gardening program that is bringing good food education into classrooms across Ontario.
Seed to Table: Cultivating Sustainability Natives

Paul Hudak, Director of the Seed to Table program at MUSE School in Calabasas, California, describes how Seed to Table infuses garden-based curriculum throughout students' daily experiences at school
Bees at School!?

Brad James, Devon Rowley, and Scott Offord of Beepods  share how science teacher Kip Jacobs worked with Beepods to install a beekeeping system at his school and, as a result, has increased opportunities for educating his students and the community. 
Growing Strong Leaders: Common Ground's School Garden Resource Center Supports Teachers through Engaging Schoolyard Learning Workshops
Jill Keating Herbst, Professional Development and Outreach Manager for the Schoolyards Program at Common Ground High School in New Haven, Connecticut, discusses how professional development opportunities through the School Garden Resource Center arm teachers with the tools, resources, and inspiration they need to teach from their own school gardens. 
Best Practices for School Gardens

Giving you the tools to overcome the challenges and be successful. Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Mary Dudley. 
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