Quarterly newsletter | April 2018
News and highlights about school health and wellness efforts across our District!
Hello and welcome to our very first newsletter!

Who are we? The NHPS Health & Wellness Department provides support and guidance to schools and community partners to implement and coordinate efforts that promote the physical, social and emotional health of all students and staff. Through collaboration with many partners, our schools are becoming more health-promoting places in which to learn, work and succeed. We know that healthy kids make better learners, and our mission is to help all students to be physically and emotionally healthy, engaged and successful learners. Through our newsletters, we want to share information about current wellness efforts happening in the schools, useful resources for staff, parents and partners, and we also strive to recognize the health heroes who are making “healthy change” possible every day in our schools!
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Summit 2018
Our 4th Health and Wellness Summit
is coming up!
Save the date:
May 5 th , from 4 pm to 8 pm .
As previously, it will be held at Anthony’s Ocean View. The event will host district health and wellness professionals and community members whose efforts contribute to the well being of the New Haven student population. In a fun and easy-going atmosphere, the best of the best will be honored and prizes will be raffled. The Summit has become a great networking event bringing together enthusiasts who are making schools and the City healthier places to learn, live, work and play.
Fun and Fitness Night at Jepson school
Medals Awarded to the Healthiest
Olympians were not the only ones winning medals this year, we have our own Champions of Health in the Schools! The Alliance for a Healthier Generation showcases and acknowledges schools that have implemented changes to create healthier school environments through its National Healthy Schools Awards. The following schools have received medal recognition:

SY16-17 Medal level Winners
Mauro-Sheridan - silver, Quinnipiac - bronze

SY15-16 Medal Level Winners
East Rock, and King/Robinson - silver, Jepson - bronze

SY14-15 Medal Level Winners
Columbus, East Rock, King/Robinson and Nathan Hale - bronze
Smile New Haven! Keeps Kids In School and Smiling
Did you know that dental problems are the second leading health reason for absenteeism among children? Knowing the need for dental care is great among our students, NHPS launched the Smile New Haven! Dental program three years ago. In the past two months alone, 1856 students received dental screens! NINE of our schools now have Dental Clinics under the BOE Dental program. NHPS operates five dental clinics: Truman, Troup, Hill Central, Barnard and King Robinson, and was just licensed at Brennan-Rogers.
Jessica Henrick, RDH, at King Robinson school
Lynn Peckham, Mauro-Sheridan school
Lynn Peckham, APRN
This year Lynn is celebrating 48 years in her nursing career. She spent the first 17 years working as a hospital-based nurse before obtaining her Masters in Nursing from Yale School of Nursing to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP). As a new PNP, Lynn discovered her passion for working with children and families in the school health center setting and never looked back! She has been working in them for the past 30 years and is currently the NP at the Mauro-Sheridan school health center. Lynn is also a respected mentor, whose students are now well known and established healthcare experts themselves. What motivates her in her work, what she loves and what she dislikes about being a nurse practitioner in schools – you will find out answers to these questions, if you read our interview with Lynn on the website.
We Are Almost There!
We are excited to announce that our long-awaited website is 99% complete. It was conceived as the main information hub for all health and wellness happenings in the district.
On the website you will also find forms, manuals, policies and, of course, photos. We are looking forward to collaborating with everyone who has interesting ideas and suggestions. 
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