January 2018
School News and Announcements
Catholic Schools Week
Sunday, January 28th through Saturday, February 3rd

"Souper Bowl" parish food pantry service project. Will your team win the SILRS "Souper Bowl"? Donate as many ***food pantry*** items each day as you want to score for your favorite team in this year's Super Bowl game. Winning team will be announced at the end of the week. Please see each day for the specified food pantry item.

Sunday, January 28th
***Souper Bowl Kickoff - bring in bath soap, shampoo or toothpaste for our parish Food Pantry and receive one free Bingo game card per pantry item.

  • 9am - Opening Mass
  • 10am-noon - Open House and School Tours - meet the teachers and principal
  • 10:45-noon - 3rd Annual Family Candy Bar Bingo (please bring an King-Sized candy bar as an entrance fee)

Monday, January 29th
*** canned pasta such as Spaghettios, Chef Boy R Dee, spaghetti sauce

*Students and teachers dress in 1950's clothing
  • 8:30am-10am - Sock Hop in the gym for k-5th grade; Spelling Bee for 6th - 8th grade
  • 1:00 pm - Beach Blanket Board Games with Prayer Buddies

Tuesday, January 30th - Student Appreciation Day
*** tissues, toilet paper, or paper towels

*Wear your favorite Super Bowl team colors.
  • 8:05 - Donuts and Hot Chocolate for students 
  • 8:30am - Brain Show Mania assembly k-4th
  • 10:30am - Brain Show Mania assembly 5th - 8th

Wednesday, January 31st
*** cereal or packaged side dishes like Rice-a-Roni, mac-n-cheese

  • 9am - School Mass - Parents and Special Friends - Come and celebrate with us!
  • 1pm - 2pm - School-wide bingo with snack

Thursday, February 1st
*soup, canned stew

*Mismatch and Movie Day - wear mismatched clothes and get ready to move every hour when an announcement is made!
  • am - Morning Movie Day
  • 1pm - School Talent Show

Friday, February 2nd
***jar of peanut butter or jar of jelly

*Show your school spirit and dress in SILRS spirit wear or blue & white
  • 8:15am-9:30am - Faculty Breakfast
  • 10:10am - 10:40am - Step-Up Day - Spend some time getting to know your next-year's teacher and see what it's like to "step-up" to the next grade at St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School!
  • 1pm - 2pm - Faculty vs 8th grade annual volleyball game in the gymnasium - it's a St. Ignatius tradition!

***All week - guesstimation jars - guess the correct number of treats int he jar and you win the prize!

Join Us for our 3rd Annual Family Candy Bar Bingo to kick off Catholic School's Week!

Where: St. Ignatius Social Hall
When: Sunday, January 28th, 2018
Time: 10:45am-noon
Admission: 1 King-Sized candy bar per player

*Bring in bath soap, shampoo or toothpaste for our parish Food Pantry and receive one free Bingo game card per pantry item.

Join us for a day of fun and feel free to bring a friend!
Free School Uniform Exchange

Where: St. Ignatius Social Hall
When: Saturday, January 27th, 2018
Time: 9am-11am
Admission: 1 item for our parish food pantry

Donations of gently used uniforms can be dropped off in the school office at any time. Thank you for your consideration!
St. Ignatius Loyola Student Alumni in Berks Catholic Saint's News
Congratulations to our St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School Honor Roll students. Keep up the great work! We are proud of you!


1st Honors 
  • Nathan Wickersham
  • Carson Reali
  • Audrey Cunningham
  • Dahlia Brant

2nd Honors

  • Natasha Civitarese
  • Mallory Yoder
  • Isabela Stauffer
  • Caroline Reimels
  • Helen Ott
  • Payton Kelly
  • Chloe Kantner
  • Colin Baker


1st Honors 
  • Michael Ward
  • Ava Junikiewicz
  • Madelyn Klinger
  • David Kopinski
  • Parker Krajsa
  • Matthew Morganti
  • Tatum Ribiero
  • Camdyn Smith

2nd Honors
  • Aiden McKeon
  • Nicholas Plaggenborg
  • Mathew Thomas


1st Honors 
  • Lucas Bauer
  • Olivia Buffa
  • Madelyn Gordos
  • Jack Krajsa
  • Emmalin Kresse
  • Isabella Logozzzo
  • Caitlyn Reali
  • Clayton Smith

2nd Honors
  • Brianna Frey
  • Breanna Marx
  • Angel Nieto Tena
  • Jayden Tran
  • Lily Wloczewski


1st Honors
  • Carson Alban
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Grace Buerke
  • Jackson Lago
  • Taylor Lisa
  • Braedon Miller
  • Kenidee Moore
  • Noah Newswanger
  • Angelina Shumaker
  • Meghan Wickersham

2nd Honors
  • Aidan Acevedo
  • Sofia Burkman
  • Madison Langdon
  • Katie Lazarz


1st Honors 
  • Ben Cunningham
  • Alexis Eisenbrown
  • Caylyn Hauser
  • Caroline Matz
  • Abigail McNeil
  • Bryan Nguyen
  • Nicola Polinsky
  • Sabrina Roberts
  • Samantha Unger

2nd Honors
  • Arianna Clemens
  • Drew Engebretsen
  • Kaiden Ingram
  • Jenna Krawlzik
  • Kaiden Maier
  • Gianna Roberts


1st Honors 
  • Michael Bradley
  • Mary Brubaker
  • Zachary Herman
  • Trey Keating
  • Saxtyn Lutz
  • Emmalee Mirabella
  • Nicole Morganti
  • Marianna Ott
  • Joseph Polinsky
  • Alexa Thomas
  • Alexi Viteazu

2nd Honors
  • Ryan Adam
  • Maureen Arentz
  • Luke Herbein
  • Mackenzie Langdon


1st Honors
  • Helen Andreyo
  • Estella Burkman
  • Britney Klopp
  • Abby Lenker
  • Shannon Plasha

2nd Honors
  • David Birmingham
  • Ellyssa Elliott
  • Angelina Fasig 
  • Jamilah Kebbay
  • Victoria Reali
  • Hannah Painton


1st Honors
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Chloe Palm- Rittle
  • Kierra Pickard
  • Caroline Reedy
  • Kathryn Viveiros

2nd Honors
  • Robert Dugan
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Leah Levan


1st Honors
  • Madelyn Altimar
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Dalton Moore
  • Alivea Weiss

2nd Honors
  • Brycen Eisenbrown
  • Daniel Brubaker
  • Isabella Giorgi
  • Matthew Gramley
  • Andrew Junikiewicz
  • Tatyanna Pena-Pardo
  • Abigail Studlack
Invite your friends to St. Ignatius Catholic School's Week Open House!
St. Ignatius will be hosting our annual Catholic School Week's Open House on Sunday, January 28th from 10am-noon. Our student council members will be providing school tours. Teachers will be available to speak to prospective students and their families.

Prospective families are welcome to stay and play Candy Bar Bingo following their tour.

Please help spread the word about our wonderful school!
CYO News

Click here to see what's new with St. Ignatius CYO.

Contact Johannes Plaggenborg with questions or to volunteer at plaggenborg@comcast.net.
Save your student a seat - Re-Register today! Take advantage of our 50% discount on re-registration fee if the re-registration form and fee is submitted to school office before Friday, February 2nd, 2018.

To download your re-registration form and tuition preference, click here .
Thank you for supporting our school through Box Tops!
Because of your hard work clipping box-tops, our school earned $709.80 for the last submission period of 3/2/2017 through 11/1/2017.

Keep on clipping!

Thank you!
Save the date for INSPIRE

Don't miss the St. Ignatius Loyola Inspire Dinner and Auction on March 10, 2018. Doors open at 6pm and dinner is served at 6:30pm. Watch for more information coming soon!

Do you have a business and would like to advertise at our event? Please download our advertising form, here .

Do you know of a business who would be willing to donate an item for our auction? Please download our donation form and business letter .
Thank you from the Sixth Station Ministry, Inc.
Dear Mrs. Lanciano and Students,

On behalf of the homeless men and women we serve, please accept our thanks for the generous donations we received from your school. Your gifts are much needed and will aid the homeless in these cold winter months.

The people we serve live on the streets and have few material possessions. Their "homes" consist of a park bench, a cardboard box, a doorway, sometimes just a square of concrete sidewalk. The needs we try to meet are immediate - a blanket, a pair of socks, a bag lunch, clothing, and spiritual in the form of bibles, rosaries, religious articles, and prayers. Their lives are filled with hardship. Yet, we have found them to be faith-filled and courteous. Our mission is to give them comfort. In return, they thank us for coming, bless us, and praise God for His goodness. Truly we receive far more than we give.

Your gifts will help bring warmth and comfort to their lives.

Thank you and God bless you.


Virginia L. Orlando
Corporate Secretary
Sixth Station Ministry, Inc.
Support us when you shop online! Go to  smile.amazon.com/ch/23-1684800  and Amazon donates to St. Ignatius Loyola Church & School.

Thank you for your support!
7th grade and 2nd grade Polar Express Day - a St. Ignatius tradition!
Student Council celebrating Christmas!
8th graders and their prayer partners reading letters from their elves!
More Prayer Buddy Fun!
 Jr. Legion of Mary visiting with the Berks Heim patients.
It was great to see the young and old enjoying each other.
Thank you to the HSA volunteers who made the St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School's faculty and staff feel extra special today with a delicious, catered holiday luncheon. What a special treat to be appreciated so much by such a wonderful school group. Your generous spirits are much appreciated!
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