July 2018
School News and Announcements
Congratulations 8th grade graduates!
8th grade graduation was held on Monday, June 4th, 2018. Congratulations to our St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School graduates!

  • J. Logan Agostini
  • Madelyn Altimar
  • Daniel Brubaker
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Samantha Donahue
  • Amira Draper
  • Robert Dugan
  • Brycen Eisenbrown
  • Dylan Gault
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Matthew Gramley
  • Matthew Harley
  • Colleen Helms
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Andrew Junikiewicz
  • Madelyn Lago
  • Leah Levan
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Dalton Moore
  • Chloe Palm-Rittle
  • Tatyana Pena-Pardo
  • Isaac Pichardo
  • Kierra Pickard
  • Caroline Reedy
  • Andrew Rhein
  • Griffen Rhein
  • Abigail Studlack
  • Nathan Tunnessen
  • Kathryn Viveiros
  • Ryan Ward
  • Jonah Watson
  • Alivea Weiss       
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The student body of St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School said "Farewell" to the 8th graders on their last day of school. This is a great annual tradition, loved by all!
Awards for Graduating 8th Graders
Our 8th graders shared many smiles and a few tears on graduation night. We are proud of each of their accomplishments and wish them good luck as they head off to high school!

Good Citizenship Award sponsored by the State Senator:
  • Madelyn Altimar
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Robert Dugan

Presidential Youth Fitness Awards:
  • Madelyn Altimar
  • Daniel Brubaker
  • Samantha Donahue
  • Brycen Eisenbrown
  • Dylan Gault
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Matthew Gramley
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Andrew Junikiewicz
  • Madelyn Lago
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Dalton Moore
  • Caroline Reedy
  • Andrew Rhein
  • Griffen Rehin
  • Alivea Weiss
CYO Ideal Athlete Award:
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Matthew Gramley
Service Award for members of Student Council:
  • President – Matthew Gramley
  • Treasurer – Dalton Moore
  • Representatives – Dylan Gault, Mackenzie Gordos, Andrew Junikiewicz
Service Award for members of the School Safety Patrol:
  • Daniel Brubaker
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Robert Dugan
  • Matthew Gramley
  • Dalton Moore
  • Kierra Pickard
  • Andrew Rhein
  • Griffin Rhein
  • Abigail Studlack
  • Nathan Tunnessen
  • Ryan Ward
Choir Awards for Noteworthy Performance in the Youth Choir:
  • Kathrine Buerke
  • Colleen Helms
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Chloe Palm-Tirrle
  • Kathryn Viveiros
Reading Musical Foundation Awards: The “Esprit de Corps” award recognizes musicians who demonstrate leadership as well as team playing within the music ministry:
  • Colleen Helms
  • Kathryn Viveiros
Reading Musical Foundation Awards: The STEAM award recognizes a contributing member of the music ministry who is also a high achiever in at least one of the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and math:
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Jonah Watson 
Catholic Woman's Society of Berks County Award: The Catholic Woman's Society of Berks County has established a scholarship program for students entering Berks Catholic High School. They choose two elementary schools per year for this scholarship. This year, St. Ignatius of Loyola Regional School is one of those schools. The winner will receive his/her award at a luncheon later in the summer.
  • Katherine Buerke
Religious Education Religion Award:
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Daniel Brubaker
St. Ignatius Loyola Senior Group Award: This award goes to a girl and boy who will be attending Berks Catholic and exemplify outstanding generosity to fellow students and dedication to school and community:
  • Matthew Gramley
  • Mackenzie Gordos
The Bonnie L. Hoffman Award: This award is based on the commendable way with which this student has met life’s challenges with faith, courage, perseverance, optimism and good humor:
  • Annaka Mirabella
Mrs. Wentzel Memorial Award sponsored by St. Ignatius Loyola CYO: This award is for the 8th grade student who’s hard work and desire to continue to improve in Mathematics serves as a model for success:
  • Madelyn Altimar
Presidential Academic Awards presented in cooperation with the President of the United States and Secretary of Education: The criteria for this prestigious award are as follows:
  1. A 90% of higher general average in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
  2. National percentile scores in the 90th percentile or higher on the Iowa test in the areas of math and reading in 6th and 7th grade –
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Dalton Moore
Foreign Language Award: This award goes to the student with the highest average for the year in French and Spanish:
  • French: Katherine Buerke
  • Spanish: Grace Hornickle
C.Y.O. Academic Awards: This award goes to the student who obtained the highest average of their class in the specified subject area for the school term:
  • Science: Katherine Buerke
  • English: Katherine Buerke
  • Algebra: Katherine Buerke
  • Social Studies: Katherine Buerke
  • Pre-Algebra: Colleen Helms
Religion Award: This award is presented on behalf of the Home And School Association to the boy and girl who have displayed an outstanding knowledge of religious content during the 2016-17 academic year:
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Dalton Moore
Highest Average:
  • 3rd highest – Grace Hornickle
  • 2nd highest – Annaka Mirabella
  • Highest – Katherine Buerke
Perfect Attendance: This award is for the student who was present, and on time, every day that school was in session:
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Robert Dugan
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Abigail Studlack
Summer Reading Assignments for 1st through 8th grade

Click here for assignments.

2018-2019 Book Challenge - click here
School Uniform Exchange Sponsored by St. Ignatius Home and School Association

When: Saturday, August 11, 2018

Time: 9am-11am

Where: School Cafeteria

Cost: The uniforms are free, but a canned good donation for our parish food pantry is requested.
See You Soon
for the Back to School Bash!
The 2018-19 Back To School Bash will be held on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 from 5:30 pm - 7pm Join us for lots of Fun, Food & Games!
Stop Summer-Slide - Summer Tutoring Available at St. Ignatius Loyola
The "summer slide," which occurs when kids fall behind in reading and math over the summer, is well-documented. In an effort to minimize the summer slide and assist students who may need more personalized learning, tutoring is available at St. Ignatius.

Please see below for our teachers who are available for summer tutoring:

Caitlin Robinson - k - 6th - all subjects   crobinson@stignatiusvikings.org
2018 Underclassman Awards
The students of St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School are blessed with diverse talents and interests. These awards recognize their excellence in a variety of disciplines.

Perfect Attendance Awards: This award is given to the student who was present, and on time, every day that school was in session.

1st: Negash Kebede, Jonathan Sauselen

2nd: Sebastian Hummel, Gabriella Jolls, Wes Levesque, Alicia Wong

3rd: Jordan Bohrn, Sophia Bradley, Melanie Diaz-Ramos, Sarah Hauser, Katherine Linderman, Lilli Mensinger

4th: Hailey Ingram, Nicholas Plaggenborg

5th: Olivia Buffa, Nancy Larkin

6th: Mary Brubaker, Arianna Clemens, Luke Herbein, Kaiden Ingram, Bryan Nguyen, Marianna Ott, Anastasia Rotkiske

7th: Ellyssa Elliott
Good Citizenship Awards:
KA: Devin Ashcroft, Paige Bradley
KB: Joseph Purfield, III, Kara Rodriguez
1A: Colin Legath, Ava Freed
1B: Joseph Lanza, Lidia Donahue
2A: Galen Miller, Molly Larkin
2B: Henry Lago, Cassidy Arentz
3A: Razvon Viteazu, Kathryn Konopelski
3B: Maxwell Marchio, Julia Cusick
4A: Carson Reali, Payton Kelly
4B: Matthew Morganti, Ana Miele
5A: Lucas Bauer, Aurora Micale
5B: Carson Alban, Angelina Shumaker
6A: Benjamin Cunningham, Abigail McNeil
6B: Saxtyn Lutz, Zachary Herman
7A: David Birmingham, Ellyssa Elliott
8A: Robert Dugan, Mackenzie Gordos
8B: Madelyn Altimar

Safety Patrol Award:

4A: Colin Baker, Dahlia Brant, Audrey Cunningham, Payton Kelly, Addison Kehres, Helen Ott, Caroline Reimels, Alexandra Stauffer, Lily Stirr, Zachary Tomlinson, Trace Unger, Nathan Wickersham, Mallory Yoder

4B: Payton Dugan, Hailey Ingram, Aiden McKeon, Ana Miele, Matthew Morganti, Patrick Plasha, Ryan Sobota, Matthew Thomas

5A: Emmalin Kresse, Caitlyn Reali, Nicholas Vojtasek, Aurora Micale

5B: Aiden Acevedo, Grace Buerke, Sofia Burkman, Sofia Burkman, Evan Firing, Jackson Lago, Madison Langdon, Taylor Lisa, Kenidee Moore, Noah Newswanger, Angelina Shumaker,Samantha Spencer, Meghan Wickersham

6A: Benjamin Cunningham, Kaiden Ingram, Caylyn Hauser, Jenna Krawizik, Caroline Matz, Gianna Robers, Sabrina Roberts, Emily Towle, Samantha Unger

6B: Annalee Brant, Mary Brubaker, Luke Herbein, Mackenzie Langdon, Saxtyn Lutz, Nicole Morganti, Joseph Polinsky, Alexa Thomas

7A: David Birmingham, Estella Burkman, Jamilah Kebbay, Hannah Painton, Shannon Plasha, Scott Sauselen, Emily Ward

National Fitness Award Recipients:
3A: Jim Abouseif, Sofia Bradley, Gabriella Frey, Giovanni Giesa, Sarah Hauser, Katherine Linderman

3B: Victoria Agostini, Julia Cusick, Maxwell Marchio, Payton Newswanger, Matthew Sauselen, Emily Sebastian

4A: Trace Unger, Nate Wickersham

4B: Parker Krajsa, Aiden McKeone, Anna Miele, Matthew Morganti, Nicholas Plaggenborg, Patrick Plasha, Camdyn Smith, Michael Ward

5A: Lucas Bauer, Olivia Buffa, Madelyn Gordos, Emmalin Kresse, Isabella Logozzo, Caitlyn Reali

5B: Grace Buerke, Sofia Burkman, Evan Firing, Jackson Lago, Madison Langdon, Braedon Miller, Julian Pichardo

6A: Michael Bradley, Alexis Eisenbrown, Zachary Herman, Trey Keating, Mackenzie Langdon, Caroline Matz, Emmalee Mirabella, Bryan Nguyen, Sabrina Roberts

6B: Mariana Ott, Gianna Roberts

7A: David Birmingham, Jamilah Kebbary, Hannah Painton, Shannon Plasha, Victoria Reali, Scott Sauselen, Nicholas Stewart

Student Council:
4A: Trace Unger, Nathan Wickersham
4B: Aiden McKeon, Matthew Thomas
5A: Jack Krajsa, Caitlyn Reali
5B: Sofia Burkman, Aiden Acevedo
6A: Sabrina Roberts, Nicola Polinski
6B: Ryan Adam, Saxtyn Lutz
7A: Ellyssa Elliott, Hannah Painton
8A: Dylan Gault and Mackenzie Gordos
8B: Bella Giorgio, Andrew Junikiewicz
Student Council Executive Board:
President: Matthew Gramley
Vice President: David Birmingham
Secretary: Shannon Plasha
Treasurer: Dalton Moore
CYO Religion Award:
3rd: Benjamin Bansner, Jayden Bohrn, Jordan Bohrn, Sophia Bradley, Julia Cusick, Gariella Frey, Sarah Hauser, Ava Legath, Katy Linderman, Lilli Mensinger, Emily Sebastian, Ryan Spatz

4th: Peyton Kelly, David Kopinsky, Izzy Stauffer

5th: Grace Buerke, Sofia Burkman

6th: Luke Herbein, Zachary Herman

7th: Helen Andreyo, David Birmingham, Estella Burkman, Ellyssa Elliott, Angelina Fasig, Jamilah Kebbay, Abby Lenker, Hannah Painton, Shannon Plasha, Tori Reali

Religious Education Office Award - selected and presented by the Religious Education Office:

Boylan 1A: Anthony Hauser
Johns 1B: Cassidy Okonski
Campbell 2A: Elliott Roffer
Williams 2B: Katelyn Cusick
Lytz 3A: Kathryn Konopelski
Ryder 3B: Peyton Newswanger
Robinson 4A: Dahlia Brant
Burke 4B: Aiden McKeone
Stoicheff 5A: An Nguyen
Pfeiffenberger 5B: Meghan Wickersham
Towle 6A: Caroline Matz
Larkin 6B: Mary Brubaker
Ward 7A: Scott Sauselen

8th Boy: Daniel Brubaker
8th Girl: Grace Hornickle
Field Day Fun
Mrs. Boylan's 1st Graders host kindergartner classes - students give classroom tours & demonstrate what they learned in 1st grade
Mrs. Boylan's awesome 1st graders showing the kindergartners all the fun they may have next year and giving them a tour of a 1st grade classroom! There were a lot of excited students today - the older kids demonstrating what they learned this school year, and the younger kids looking forward to continuing to learn a lot when they are in 1st grade next year! The kindergartners departed with a letter written by their 1st grade host about his/her favorite thing about 1st grade!
Summer is a great time for prospective families to tour our school!
Do you know a family who is looking for a school for their children that offers excellent academics, small class sizes and a history of tradition and Christian morals and values? If so, please invite them to TOUR OUR SCHOOL this summer!

To tour our school, please click HERE.

HERE are details on the Bishop Transfer Tuition Grants.
6th grade science class dresses up for science career day
Home and School Association
Our Back-to-School Uniform Exchange will be held on Saturday, August 11th from 9-11. Bring in your used uniforms and exchange them for what you need to start the new school year. There is no cost, simply bring in canned goods for our Parish Pantry. A limited amount of Spirit Wear will also be available for purchase!
Want to make school supply shopping easy for next school year? HSA will be partnering with School Tool Box to provide the convenience of ordering online and having school supplies shipped directly to your home! Supply lists for each grade have been uploaded to the site, so there’s no need to search for each supply individually. You will also have the ability to customize your order by adding or removing items based on your needs/preferences. 
  Please visit the following website to place your order:  http://www.schooltoolbox.com/  
Search for St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School. Enter your child’s upcoming grade and the list will be presented for review. All orders are customizable. Orders over $50 ship free!

Purchase St. Ignatius spirit wear year round by visiting the on-line store: https://tinyurl.com/y9wx58u3 . Items will be shipped directly to your home. Check out the variety of available good-quality items! 

To read May's HSA newsletter, click HERE .
2nd Grade students dressed up and ready for "Famous American" Day!
2018-2019 School Supply List
Please visit the following website to place your order:  http://www.schooltoolbox.com/  

Search for St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School. Enter your child’s upcoming grade and the list will be presented for review. All orders are customizable. Orders over $50 ship free!
St. Ignatius Honor Roll
Congratulations to the Honor Roll students! Keep up the good work!

4A First Honors:
  • Nate Wickersham
  • Dahlia Brant
  • Audrey Cunninigham
4A Second Honors:
  • Carson Reali
4B First Honors:
  • Payton Dugan
  • Maddie Klinger
  • David Kopinski
  • Aiden McKeone
  • Matthew Morganti
  • Camdyn Smith
  • Ryan Sobota
4B Second Honors:
  • Ryan Chambers
  • Ava Junikiewicz
  • Parker Krajsa
  • Nick Plaggenborg
  • Tatum Ribiero
  • Cecelia Snyder
  • Michael Ward
  • Matthew Thomas
5A First Honors:
  • Olivia Buffa                    
  • Brianna Frey                  
  • Madelyn Gordos
  • Nancy Larkin
  • Angel Nieto Tena
  • Caitlyn Reali
  • Clayton Smith
  • Lily Wloczewski
5A Second Honors:
  • Lucas Bauer
  • Jack Krajsa
  • Emmalin Kresse
  • Isabella Logozzo
  • Aurora Micale
  • Jayden Tran
5B First Honors:
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Grace Buerke
  • Kenidee Moore
  • Noah Newswanger
  • Meghan Wickersham
5B Second Honors:
  • Carson Alban
  • Sofia Burkman
  • Jackson Lago
  • Taylor Lisa
  • Braedon Miller
  • Angelina Shumaker
6A First Honors:
  • Ben Cunningham
  • Caroline Matz
  • Abby McNeil
  • Bryan Nguyen
  • Nicola Polinsky
  • Sabrina Roberts
6A Second Honors:
  • Alexis Eisenbrown
  • Caylan Hauser
  • Kaden Maier
  • Gianna Robets
  • Samantha Unger
6B First Honors:
  • Maureen Arentz
  • Annalee Brant
  • Mary Brubaker
  • Zachary Herman
  • Saxtyn Lutz
  • Emmalee Mirabella
  • Anastasia Rotkiske
  • Alexa Thomas
6B Second Honors:
  • Michael Bradley
  • Trey Keaating
  • Nicole Morganti
  • Joseph Polinsky
  • Alexi Viteazu
7A First Honors:
  • Helen Andryo
  • David Birmingham
  • Estella Burkman
  • Ellyssa Elliott
  • Abby Lanier
  • Hannah Painton
  • Shannon Plasha
7A Second Honors:
  • Angelina Fasig
  • Jamilah Kebbay
  • Tori Reali
8A First Honors:
  • Katherine Buerke
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Chloe Palm-Rittle
  • Kierra Pickard
  • Caroline Reedy
  • Katy Viveiros
8A Second Honors:
  • Leah Levan
8B First Honors:
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Alivea Weiss
8B Second Honors:
  • Madelyn Altimar
  • Daniel Brubaker
  • Brycen Eisenbrown
  • Dalton Moore
  • Tatyanna Pena-Pardo
  • Abigail Studlack
Mrs. Lytz 3rd Graders use the school's 3D Printer to record the sound of their first name and then watched as the 3D printer prints it out.
Congratulations to our Kindergarten Graduates! And special thanks to
Mrs. Baumert and Mrs. Towle's years of dedication and commitment to our students! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement years!
Summer Library Hours

Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Thursdays
9am - 1pm
through August 13, 2018

*Library Closed 7/2 through 7/6
Congratulations to the 7th and 8th grade
Junior National Honor Society Inductees!
Permanent Members:

  • Katherine Buerke
  • Mackenzie Gordos
  • Grace Hornickle
  • Annaka Mirabella
  • Chloe Palm-Rittle
  • Keirra Pickard
  • Caroline Reedy
  • Kathryn Viveiros


  • Helen Andreyo
  • David Birmingham
  • Estella Burkman
  • Ellyssa Elliott
  • Angelina Fasig
  • Jamilah Kebbay
  • Abigail Lenker
  • Hannah Painton
  • Shannon Plasha
  • Victoria Reali
Two Options for Ordering Your School Uniforms -
McGinn School Apparel and Flynn and O'Hara
A favorite tradition at St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School -
the kindergarten and 8th grade tree planting ceremony.
Everytime our students drive by our school, they will remember the tree
they planted in the honor of their class!
Our St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School Instrumental Concert,
grades 5th - 8th. Great job on all our students hard work!
Congratulations to the St. Ignatius Loyola Student Alumni
Who Attained Honor Roll Status at Berks Catholic High School
Distinguished Honors – students must have a minimum of general average of 94% and receive a grade of 92% or above in every major subject. All minor subjects and discipline must be passing.

  • Luke Andreyo, Class 2018
  • Ann Birmingham, Class 2020
  • Kyra Birmingham, Class 2021
  • Andrew Gordos, Class 2020
  • Margaret Helms, Class of 2020
  • James Hornickle, Class of 2019
  • Francesca Logozzo, Class of 2020
  • Kathy Nguyen, Class 2021
  • Paige Reali, Class of 2021
  • Bella Schlouch, Class of 2021
  • Anya Smith, Class of 2018

First Honors – students must have a minimum of general average of 90% or above with no grades lower than 86% in any major subject. All minor subjects and discipline must be passing.

  • Bridget Allen, Class 2021
  • David Babiarz, Class of 2020
  • Colin Balash, Class of 2020
  • Nicole Balistrere, Class of 2018
  • Mary Banco, Class of 2018
  • Austin Bortz, Class of 2021
  • Theodore Cebulski, Class of 2018
  • Sophia Ceccola, Class of 2018
  • Nathan Cinelli, Class of 2021
  • Edward Cole, Class of 2018
  • Felicity Firestone, Class of 2020
  • Patrick Goldschmidt, Class of 2021
  • Connor Gundersen, Class of 2021
  • Alexa Herbein, Class of 2021
  • Michael Kenny, Class of 2020
  • Ethan Marx, Class of 2020
  • Emily Matos, Class of 2019
  • Stephanie Munroe, Class of 2018
  • Stephen Neidert, Class of 2019
  • Sara Nguyen, Class of 2019
  • Lucille Ott, Class of 2019
  • Luke Painton, Class of 2019
  • Sarah Painton, Class of 2021
  • Julia Pickard, Class 2020
  • Kayla Rugh, Class of 2020
  • Brianna Sauselen, Class of 2020
  • Penelope Schreffler, Class of 2021
  • Benjamin Stewart, Class of 2020
  • Ian Viveiros, Class of 2020

Second Honors - students must have a minimum of general average of 85% or above with no grades lower than 82% in any major subject. All minor subjects and discipline must be passing.

  • Nicholas Fioravante, Class of 2019
  • Kailey Fuchs, Class of 2021
  • Megan Genetti, Class of 2021
  • Ryan Goldschmidt, Class of 2019
  • Helena Krawlzik, Class of 2018
  • Marianna Miller, Class of 2020
  • Jacob Painton, Class of 2020
  • Dylan Patrick, Class of 2019
  • Henry Pilliod, Class of 2020
  • Nicole Rogosky, Class of 2018
  • Johnny Schlouch, Class of 2019
  • Gregory Schwenk, Class of 2019
  • Bailey Thumm, Class of 2018
  • Yeny Vasquez Espinoza, Class of 2021
  • Megan Yoder, Class of 2018
Mrs. Berry's 7th grade class dissecting squid!
Mrs. Boylan's 1st Grade Class having fun on Pajama Day!
Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Retiring Teachers!

Mary Baumert, Tom Towle, Kathy Emkey and Alice Towle
retired at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.
Between all 4 of them, they have almost 100 years of teaching!
We are so blessed to have had them in our school!
Happy Retirement!
St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School
2700 St. Albans Drive
West Lawn, PA 19609
Tel: 610-678-0111  Fax: 610-670-5759 
Stephanie Conlon, Advancement Director