School News

December 14, 2018

Message from the Principle,

Dear Families,
"Today a light will shine upon us, for the Lord is born for us; and he will be called Wondrous God, Prince of Peace, and Father of future ages; and his reign will be without end" (Isaiah 9:1,5 and Luke 1:33).
Just as our children demonstrated in their programs, celebrating the Nativity of the Lord gives us the opportunity to return to the true spirit and joy of this blessed season. The danger is for us to get too caught up into the commercialized holiday that we forget the heart of what we celebrate! Let's make it a time of faith and love, announcing to the world the great love and mercy of God! Only then can we discover the true spirit of Christmas!
Wishing you each a blessed Christmas!
Mrs. Jennings
Friday Folders
There was nothing for the Friday Folders this week so they did not go home today. We will resume sending them home on Friday, January 11. Please make sure to send them back to school the following Monday morning. 
AR News
Good news! AR is up and running! That means that over the break you can read your hearts out and return to school ready to prove your knowledge by taking AR tests. We are looking forward to a wonderful semester where many of you earn many points and prizes!
Merry Christmas to each of you.  While you are on break remember to shop for your classroom's auction basket.  If everyone contributes at least one item the baskets will be great!  Shop post Christmas sales for the best deals. Your contribution is to be turned in by Friday, JANUARY 11th.  Thanks for all of your participation. 
Need a Quick Gift?
Left over scrip from our on-hand scrip inventory available in the officeone Land's End-$25. Cash or check.
PTL News
PTL would like I to thank you for supporting our Santa Shop this year! We earned $640 that we will use for Mom's and Muffins and our teacher appreciation week this spring. This time of year is always so busy so I especially want to thank all of you who took time to volunteer in our shop. We couldn't have done it without you!! The students really enjoyed shopping and it was fun to see them choose gifts for their family and friends. If for some reason a gift is broken or doesn't work like it should please email me at  adrienneo@hotmail.com  and I can get the item replaced for you. On behalf of all of us on PTL I would like to wish all of our teachers, students, and parents a very Merry Christmas! God Bless your Christmas celebrations and take time to enjoy the special moments of the season. 
Volunteer Hours
As we come to the close of our first semester, we would ask that parents check their volunteer hours through Renweb. You should be able to enter your hours on your family page. We will be sending out total hours for semester one, once we return in January. Thank you for all you do to make Shepherd the amazing place it is!
Looking Ahead
Are these on your calendar?
  • December 22-January 7: Christmas Break
  • January 8: School Resumes
Jack's Corner
QUESTION:  My 12-year-old is asking some very difficult questions about morality.  I find myself somewhat at a loss as to how to answers some on his moral dilemmas.  Help!
ANSWER:  Praise God he is asking good questions! 
We live in a morally confused world.  Many of our children have... 
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