Thursday, September 26, 2019

Friday, September 27th - Grades 4-7 Field Trip to Madison

Monday, September 30th - Catholic Memorial High School Visit, Grades 6-8

Monday, September 30th - Celebration of the Feast of the Archangels, 1:30 pm

Wednesday, October 9th - Fire Safety Day

Friday, October 11th - No School, Teacher Inservice

Thursday, October 17th - 11:00 Dismissal, Parent/ Teacher/Student Conferences

Friday, October 18th - No School

Monday, October 21st - Red Robin Restaurant Fundraiser
Family Prayer 

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Reading I :  Amos 6:1a, 4-7  
Don't be complacent! 
  • Today’s reading from the prophet, Amos, refers to a time of great wealth in the northern kingdom of Israel. 
  • This week the emphasis is on the self-indulgence of the wealthy. Amos rebukes them for their indifference to the needs of others. 
  • Because of their disregard for the poor the wealthy will be the first to go into exile. 

Reading II :  1 Timothy 6:11-16  
Fight the good fight of faith. 
  • Paul’s use of the term “man of God” in reference to Timothy is important because it is a title applied to Moses-a great leader. 
  • Timothy’s position as a leader demands that he give witness to Christ and seek after virtue, especially those virtues that build up the church. 
  • True teaching does not destroy communities and lead to division and arrogance

Gospel :  Luke 16:19-31  
Keep your eye on God's way of life. 
  • In the gospel readings prior to today’s gospel the religious leaders had rejected Jesus teachings about possessions. This parable addresses their attitude. 
  • The rich man was oblivious to the needs of the poor beggar, not realizing the seriousness of his complacency. 
  • The indifference of the rich man led him to an eternal situation worse than that of Lazarus on earth. 

Please consider reading the upcoming Sunday readings together as a family. These conversation starters will help to prepare your children for weekly mass.  
A Message from
Mrs. Laidlaw Otto
Dear SJE Families; 

Today’s newsletter contains an abundance of information. I encourage you to take time to read through this information carefully and respond to those things that apply to your family. There will be several opportunities in the upcoming weeks for parents to come in and meet with me, meet with our teachers, and even celebrate with our students. Please consider taking time out of your busy schedules to spend some time with us. Time spent engaging with your child’s education increases success exponentially. 

Go forth and be a blessing, 
Mary Laidlaw Otto 
Uniform short season has been extended through next Friday, October 4th. 
We will reevaluate the weather at that time. 
Safety Issue  
Keeping our students safe is an integral part of our mission. In order to make our morning drop off and end of the day pick up safe, it is important that all of our families follow our rules.  
At the end of the day, the majority of our students are dismissed into cars.   In order to keep everyone safe, NO ONE is allowed to walk through the car line. Families who are staying to play on the playground should park. Once the car line has ended, you may walk across to the waiting area to escort your child over to the playground.  Students who have soccer practice are also required to wait until the car line has ended to cross to the fields.  

Many of our students are picked up by grandparents each day. While we do our best to communicate our safety guidelines to everyone, we rely on you, our parents to help by reminding whoever picks up your students of our safety rules. We will be correcting unsafe behaviors during our car line over the next few weeks, and greatly appreciate your support and cooperation. 

Standards-Based Teaching, Learning, and Grading Update 
Last week I spoke about learners identifying goals. The next hurdle for our learners is to begin to evaluate their own learning. Our teachers often ask students to indicate their comfort level with a lesson before they proceed onto another subject (or move to another class, in the case of our upper grade learners.) The easiest way to measure student understanding of learning is to simply ask them. However, peer pressure to can cause students to inflate their levels of understanding. Our teachers have a variety of clever ways to encourage students to measure their understanding and communicate their needs to teachers. I encourage you to discuss their understanding of classroom lessons with your learner. You might be surprised by what you learn! 

Just prior to our first mid-trimester conferences, there will be two opportunities for parents to sit down with me and discuss our change to Standards-based teaching, learning and grading. The first opportunity will be next Friday, October 4th, from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM. The second opportunity will be on Tuesday, October 15th, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. These meetings are geared for parents of students in grades four through eight, but all are welcome to attend. In order to ensure that there are enough handouts available, please RSVP for the meeting you will attend to    

PowerSchool Update 
As we enter the fifth week of school, our teachers have begun to evaluate student learning. Research on student assessment has taught us to give our students plenty of opportunities for practice.  In light of this, our teachers collect evidence of learning, called formative assessments, prior to assigning any final grades. These final, summative assessments can take the form of traditional paper and pencil tests, projects, writing samples, etc. Teachers record the results of these summative assessments on PowerSchool, aligning them with our standards, and assigning scores based on student demonstrations of understanding.  
Families new to SJE as well as all first grade families are receiving instructions for setting up parent PowerSchool accounts in today’s Thursday folder. Please take time to log in and set up an account for your student. Parents of our primary students are asked to check PowerSchool occasionally. It is one tool to ensure that your child is completing expected work. You can also check for attendance using the login. 

Families with students in grades five through eight are asked to check PowerSchool at least weekly. Checking in with your child is a good way to open up a discussion about school performance, study habits, and organizational skills.   

Concerned about what you see on PowerSchool? Please mail or call your child’s teacher. They can provide additional information to help you support your child’s learning. 
All returning families should use the same password as last year. If you have forgotten your PowerSchool password, you will need to log onto PowerSchool and use the lost password feature. 

Conferences Are Coming 
Our mid-trimester conferences are quickly approaching. Today’s Thursday communication includes conference slips.   All families with students enrolled in grades one through eight are required to complete and return the conference slip by Monday, October 7 th .  

Conferences are mandatory for families of students in grades one through eight on Thursday, October 17 th , from noon until 8:00 PM.  

Please note that students will be dismissed on Thursday, October 17 th   at 11 AM, and that there will be no school on Friday, October 18 th .     

Students in K4 and K5 will receive their first narrative report card in January, and will have conferences along with our other students at that time.   

Snack Cart News!
Our Snack cart is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-7:45. We offer yogurt, cheese sticks, applesauce, Belvita Breakfast bars, carrots and dip and crunchy cereal. All items are 50 cents!
Students can purchase a Snack Card for $5.00 (see Mrs. Kaminski) and we will keep the card at our cart so students can purchase as they would like to! Help support this wonderful resource at our school with snack purchases!
Save the Date!  
On Friday, November 1 st , we will celebrate VIP day  (formerly Grandparents and Special Friends Day).  

Our day will begin with mass honoring all the saints at 10:00 AM. Grandparents, parents, and special friends are invited to join us for this special mass, followed by lunch and entertainment.   

Our third graders will soon begin researching their favorite saints, and will lead us at this mass.   Students in all other grades are invited to choose and research a saint, prepare a costume, and join in the opening procession for this event. Students are bringing home a paper sign-up sheet for our All Saint’s celebration today.  

Today’s paper envelope includes an invitation to VIP Day. Please complete this invitation and send it back to the school office as soon as possible. Accurate numbers help us plan for lunch.  

Growing Gardeners Program

Have you planted your first herbs for your kitchen garden? Send a picture of your family planting the herbs or your plants sprouting to and your name will be entered in a drawing for prizes! You could win a t-shirt from Thrivent (one of our sponsors), extra seed packets (from Target, Steins and Milaeger’s, our other sponsors), or assorted garden ‘helpers.’ Pictures for this drawing are due by October 3!

A Public Square Fatima Rosary Rally, in conjunction with over 21,145 other Public Rosary Rallies across America sponsored by America Needs Fatima, will be held on Saturday, October 12th, from noon to 1:00 PM. Please mark your calendar to join us to pray a public Rosary on the sidewalk on 84th Street by the SJE driveway alongside the soccer field. Bring along a lawn chair if you prefer to sit during the Rosary. Bring your family and friends! Your continuing prayers for our country are desperately needed.
Schoenstatt Girls

It's not too late for your girls to sign up for The Schoenstatt Girls' Group. Meetings will be at SJE School on the second Wednesday of each month, from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm. For more information contact the school office or Sr. Maria Jose at 262-522-4300 or
The Soles for Catholic Education Walk will be held at Mount Mary College on Saturday, October 19 th . Families are invited to sign up for the walk by following this link:     
St. John the Evangelist School
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