Thursday, September 27, 2018
Friday, September 28th - Packer Day - Wear Green & Gold

Thursday & Friday, October 4th & 5th - No School, Teacher Convention

Friday, October 5th - Parish Fish Fry, 4-7 PM

Wednesday, October 10th - Fire Safety Day

Friday, October 12th - Trunk or Treat

Thursday, October 18th - 11:00 Dismissal, Conferences

Friday, October 19th - No School

Saturday, October 20th - Soles for Catholic Education Walk

Family Prayer 

Gospel Reading for Sunday, September 30 th , 2018 

Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

Living Faithfully 

Questions for Family Discussion: 

  • Do you know anyone at school or in your neighborhood who is different and not included in some groups? 
  • What do you think Jesus would say to us about what to do for these people? 
  • What are some specific ways we can show tolerance and include someone who is not accepted? 

Please consider reading the upcoming Sunday gospel together as a family. The questions above are good conversation starters as you prepare your children for weekly mass.  
Last week several students, parents and school staff helped serve dinner at St. Ben's Meal program.
A Note from the Principal:  
Dear SJE Families, 
As the first full month of school draws to a close, I’d like to provide you with a few updates on our school goals. Our theme for the year is “Growing in God’s Love”. As I told you at the beginning of the year, each month we will be focusing on a different Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Throughout September, we have worked on kindness. We have placed kindness leaves on the tree in our hallway, noting kind acts on the part of our students. Tomorrow, in our first prayer pod activity of the year, we will be focusing on the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux. St. Therese devoted her life to small acts of kindness. Our students will be creating kindness beads. I’ve included an explanation of the history of kindness beads, as well as directions on how to use the beads below: 

One day, St. Therese’s sister gave her a set of beads on which to keep count of little acts of love and sacrifice offered to God. Young Therese would pull a bead when she postponed a treat, or let someone have their way. Therese’s mother wrote, “Even Therese wants to start making sacrifices now!” 

St. Therese Sacrifice Beads consist of a crucifix with a string of ten beads, each of which can be pulled and then remain in place. Pull a bead toward the crucifix for any act of self-denial or love for others, thus noting your little acts of love for God each day. 

You can also use these sacrifice beads as a decade rosary. 

At the end of the day, pull all the beads back into place and thank God for His grace and mercy. Then the next day, begin again! 

Growing in God’s Love, 
Mary Laidlaw Otto 
Save the Date!  
On Thursday, November 1 st , we will celebrate VIP day  (formerly Grandparents and Special Friends Day).  

Our day will begin with mass honoring all the saints at 10:00 AM. Grandparents, parents, and special friends are invited to join us for this special mass, followed by lunch and entertainment.   

Our third graders will soon begin researching their favorite saints,and will lead us at this mass.   Students in all other grades are invited to choose and research a saint, prepare a costume, and join in the opening procession for this event. Students are bringing home a paper sign-up sheet for our All Saint’s celebration today.  
Today’s paper envelope includes an invitation to VIP Day. Please complete this invitation and send it back to the school office as soon as possible. Accurate numbers help us plan for lunch.  
September & October Fitness Calendars - Please turn in completed September fitness calendars in the next week. The October calendar, featuring exercises with a pumpkin is included in this week's Thursday envelope.

FUTP 60 News - We are well on our way to completing 1,000 miles by Feb. 1 for a contest to potentially win $1,000 of Wisconsin themed gear! The upper grade students completed 31 miles during their 5 minute run in PE and our Fun Run netted 191 miles! We are tracking our progress on a poster in the gym hallway! Keep track of personal runs/walks on the monthly fitness calendars and turn those in!
Uniform Updates 
Uniform short season will end tomorrow. Beginning on Monday, October 1st, students must wear long pants, (or skirts/jumpers for girls). 
As the weather gets colder, and students begin to wear their warmer clothing, I would like to provide some reminders regarding our uniform code. 

Students are welcome to wear SJE uniform sweatshirts to school each day. Uniform sweatshirts are red or blue, crew neck, with a small SJE logo on the left chest. Students may not wear hooded sweatshirts, or athletic sweatshirts or jackets over their uniforms. If they are wearing non-uniform clothing, they will be asked to remove it. 
Nearly all of our girls wear skirts or jumpers. Navy slacks are also an acceptable uniform choice. In lieu of tights, girls may choose to wear leggings underneath their skirts or jumpers.   Please note that leggings should match our socks and tights. Preferred colors are red, white, and navy blue. Black is also acceptable. Patterned leggings are not acceptable; nor are brightly colored alternatives
Some of our parents have asked about socks. It is not a good use of teacher time to police socks, particularly with the popularity of “no show” socks for both boys and girls. We are aware that some of our students may be wearing colorful no-show socks, and that this goes undetected at school. However, should a teacher notice colorful or mismatched socks, a student will be asked to adhere to our uniform code: socks should be red, white, or navy blue. Currently black athletic socks are readily available, and are also acceptable. 
Girls are not allowed to wear nail polish. Girls who come to school with nail polish on will be asked to remove it while at school. 
Girls may wear post earrings. Dangling earrings present a safety hazard, and are never acceptable at school. Girls who wear them to school will be asked to remove the earrings. 
Students who come to school with non-uniform clothing will receive a note home requesting compliant behavior. Should the negative behavior continue, a parent will be contacted to address the uniform issues immediately.   
The dress code is available on our school website as part of the Parent Handbook.
Calendar Raffles 
Each SJE family is receiving an envelope with their calendar raffles today. Our families are asked to sell a minimum of seven raffles, supporting our Home and School Association. The envelope contains directions for the sale, as well as seven raffles.   

Opportunities to sell raffles at parish and school events are available. If you are unable to sell your calendar raffles to family or friends, just contact our school office. 

Need extra calendar raffles? Call the office at 414-321-8540, and we will send some home. All money, raffle stubs, and unsold calendars MUST be returned to the school office no later than Friday, December 7 th .
Boxtops for Education
Challenge is Underway  
Keep clipping those Boxtops. Please place them in groups of 25 (in sandwich bags or envelopes), and send them to school. Students should turn their Boxtops into their homeroom teachers. The class who collects the most Boxtops per student will win an out of uniform day!! 

This Boxtop challenge will end on Wednesday, October 3rd, so clean out those drawers, check your pockets and GET US THOSE BOXTOPS! 

Remember, each Boxtop is worth 10 cents. Last year, our Home and School Association earned $1300 just from redeeming Boxtops. What a fantastic way to help us out, without spending any extra money!! 
St. John the Evangelist School
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