Thursday, September 12, 2019

Friday, September 13th - Dollar Jean Day (out-of-uniform) benefiting Hunger Task Force

Sunday, September 15th - Catechetical Sunday, 10:30 Mass

Tuesday, September 17th - August & September Birthdays Out-of-Uniform

Thursday, September 19th - Portillo's Fundraiser, 5-8PM

Friday, September 20th - Out-of-Uniform Day

Friday, September 20th - Chesterton Academy Visit for Grades 6-8

Friday, September 20th - Fun Run & Tailgate Party

Tuesday, September 24th - Picture Retakes

Friday, September 27th - Grades 3-7 Field Trip to Madison

Monday, September 30th - Celebration of the Feast of the Archangels, 1:30 pm
Family Prayer 

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Reading I :  Exodus 32:7-11, 13-14  
God has mercy on us. 
  • The story from Exodus occurred at Sinai, where God made a covenant with the chosen people. 
  • In today’s first reading, Moses intercedes for the people who broke this covenant. 
  • Yahweh allows Moses to win the argument. God does not deny the covenant but renews it. 

Reading II :  1 Timothy 1:12-17  
God has treated us mercifully. 
  • The passage from 1 Timothy presents Paul’s thanksgiving prayer for having been forgiven for persecuting the Church. 
  • Paul is an example of God’s mercy and forgiveness. 
  • Paul emphasizes that God’s grace is abundant through Jesus, who came to save sinners. 

Gospel :  Luke 15:1-32  
God is watching for us to return to him. 
  • In response to the Pharisees’ complaint that he ate with sinners, Jesus told the three parables we read today. 
  • The parables are bound together by the theme of joy over the recovery of some thing or person which was lost. 
  • The story of the prodigal son stresses God’s unconditional love and adds the contrast of the older brother’s hostility. 

Please consider reading the upcoming Sunday readings together as a family. These conversation starters will help to prepare your children for weekly mass.  
A Message from Mrs. Laidlaw Otto
Dear SJE Families; 

Each year our school community participates in the Soles for Catholic Education Walk. This year, the walk will be held at Mount Mary University on Saturday, October 19th. I am writing to you today to ask you to consider joining our SJE team on this adventure. Families are invited to sign up for the walk by following this link:    

Families who sign up prior to September 25th will receive a free t-shirt for each walker.   

There is so much to be gained from participation in this walk. This is a great opportunity to spend time with other families from SJE, as well as others who support out mission to educate our children in the faith.  The day will feature treats and activities for children, as well as music and food for all. You will not want to miss out.   

In addition, we will offer free out of uniform walk t-shirt days throughout the year. 

The second component of this walk is fundraising. Our school goal is $1000. I know that, with minimal effort on the part of our parents, we can easily exceed this goal. Fundraising envelopes will be coming home next week. Please consider asking relatives and friends to sponsor us in this worthy cause!! Remember – all funds raised come back to SJE. Costs for the walk are paid by supporting organizations.   

Our staff members are looking forward to spending October 19th with all of our SJE families! 

Go forth and be a blessing, 
Mary Laidlaw Otto 
Standards-Based Teaching, Learning, and Grading Update 
Each week our teachers submit lesson plans to me. These plans contain a variety of information including, but not limited to the curriculum standards being covered for each lesson taught, and a goal (or learner outcome) for each lesson. Each lesson taught during the day begins with a statement of this goal. No matter the level of the classroom or the subject being taught, student lessons begin with a statement about the purpose of the lesson. This is important to know because it sets the stage for the eventual assessment of student learning. It is not hard to believe that students perform better when they clearly understand the expectation for their learning.   

This articulation of learner goals has been a part of our teaching here at SJE for the last several years and is the first step in helping our students take better ownership of their learning. It is an integral part of Standards Based Teaching and Learning. 

This week, when you ask your student how their day went, please ask them to share the goal of one of their lessons with you. See if they can remember what happened in math or science or religion in the context of the learner goal for the day. You may be surprised at what you learn. 
Calendar Raffles 
Each SJE family is receiving an envelope with their calendar raffles today. Our families are asked to sell a minimum of seven raffles, supporting our Home and School Association. The envelope contains directions for the sale, as well as seven raffles.   

Opportunities to sell raffles at parish and school events are available. If you are unable to sell your calendar raffles to family or friends, just contact our school office. 

Need extra calendar raffles? Call the office at 414-321-8540, and we will send some home. All money, raffle stubs, and unsold calendars MUST be returned to the school office no later than Friday, December 6 th .  

Please remember – the calendar raffle is one of our most lucrative fundraisers. The money raised supports our school programming! 
Schoenstatt Girls

It's not too late for your girls to sign up for The Schoenstatt Girls' Group. Meetings will be at SJE School on the second Wednesday of each month, from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm. For more information contact the school office or Sr. Maria Jose at 262-522-4300 or
Mark your calendars for our annual Fun Run and Tailgate Party  
 to be held on   
Friday, September 20th.  
Our students and parents alike look forward to this event. Beginning at 5 PM, students and parents will have the opportunity to walk or run around our 1/2 mile track up to 6 times! Parent and teacher cheerleaders will be on hand to provide encouragement. Last week’s Thursday envelope contained the hold harmless agreement, necessary for participation in this event. Enclosed in today’s Thursday envelope, you will find the RSVP form for the tailgate. Please complete and return that form to school as soon as possible. We will use these numbers to plan for food. 
Many volunteers are needed to make this event a success. The Sign-Up Genius email for this event will emailed to families today. Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity for fellowship and fun!  

Safe Environment Training Information  
All volunteers in our building, even field trip chaperones, must complete the following: 
  • A national criminal background check 
  • Completion of Safeguarding All God’s Family Class 
  • Read and sign the Code of Ethical Standards for employees and volunteers 
To find a class or sign up go to .   

On the opening page, scroll down to this link: 
Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal  
The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is committed to helping victims/survivors of sexual abuse and to protecting children.  Visit the links below for more information or to register for an upcoming Safe Environment Education session. 
Click on this link: 
Safe Environment Education sessions and resources. 
This will take you to the sign up page for Safeguarding classes. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kaminski in the school office.
The Shooting Stars Basketball Camps are back! Join us on  Friday, October 11th  for a one-day Preseason Skills Camp at Pius XI Catholic High School. Camp runs from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, with lunch included! 
Come and learn from the one and only  Shawna Nicols  (Elite Skills Trainer and Coach for 1-on-1 Milwaukee, and former college and professional basketball player) and  Dan Carey , (Head Coach of the Wisconsin GLO women's professional basketball team). As you're gearing up for your hoops season, sharpen your skills at this fun, high-energy camp.   
The deadline to register is Friday, October 4th , so do not delay! Secure your spot now, and we will see you in the gym! 
Looking forward to seeing you in the gym!!! 
St. John the Evangelist School
Fax: 414-321-4450
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