Thursday, October 11, 2018
Friday, October 12th - Dollar Jean Day, Brewers Theme

Friday, October 12th - Trunk or Treat

Tuesday, October 16th - October Birthdays Out-of-Uniform Day

Thursday, October 18th - Grades 3 & 4 Trip to Our Lady of the Angels

Thursday, October 18th - 11:00 Dismissal, Conferences

Thursday, October 18th - Cousins Subs Day

Friday, October 19th - No School

Saturday, October 20th - Soles for Catholic Education Walk

Monday, October 22nd - PEAC Meeting

Thursday, October 25th - Grades K4-2 Field Trip to Green Meadows Farm

Friday, October 26th - Living Rosary

Friday, October 26th - Fall Color Day

Please note that if you will be requiring after school care for your children after our 11:00 dismissal on Thursday, October 18th, you must let the office know by Monday, October 15th . Care may not be available to you if you do not let us know by this deadline.
Family Prayer 

Gospel Reading for Sunday, October 14 th , 2018 

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

The Word of God is Living and Effective 

Questions for Family Discussion: 

  • What is your favorite thing in the whole world? 
  • How would you feel if you had to give it up? 
  • When Jesus tells the rich man to give up all of his belongings, what is he trying to teach us? 
  • What does Jesus mean when he asks the rich man to follow him? 

Please consider reading the upcoming Sunday gospel together as a family. The questions above are good conversation starters as you prepare your children for weekly mass.  
A Note from the Principal:  
Dear SJE families, 
Today’s paper envelope contains two very important documents for all families with students in grades one through eight. The first is your child’s mid-trimester grade report. Please review these grades with your student. They are an important look into your child’s progress thus far, and an excellent guide for preparation for our conferences.  
The second document is your family’s scheduled conference time. Our fall conferences for students in grades one through eight are scheduled for Thursday, October 18th, between noon and 8:00 PM. It is vitally important that parents and students attend these conferences. Our teachers are excited to share information about your child’s progress.   

Remember – students in grades K4 and K5 will not have conferences at this time. They will have mid-year conferences along with our other students in January. 

Growing in God’s Love, 
Mary Laidlaw Otto 
Parent Pointers  
In light of our upcoming conferences, we are including a few “parent pointers” to guide you as you prepare for a fruitful meeting with your child’s teacher.    

Please take a few minutes to review these suggestions:  

Prepare questions in advance . What groups has my child been assigned to? Is my child finishing the work assigned in class? The most important question of all is “How can I help my child at home?” 

Let the teacher know if there is a particular topic you want to discuss . If you want to talk about your child’s progress in reading, let the teacher know. She’ll be able to have test scores, textbooks, and other material on hand to aid your discussion. 

Be specific . Bring with you any work that is of concern. Describe clearly any situations in the classroom that make your child uneasy. Ask the teacher to describe your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask to see your child’s work. 

Exchange information . Let the teacher know about any situation at home that may affect your child’s school work, such as a death in the family, a new baby, or a change in daycare arrangements. 

Take notes . Your conference may result in several actions for both you and the teacher. Taking notes will help you remember what was discussed and what was agreed upon. 

Start with a positive attitude . Don’t waste valuable conference time by focusing on the negative. You and the teacher are a team. Positive comments such as “How can we solve this problem working together?” will be the first step in coming up with good solutions. 

Discuss the whole child . Your child’s social and emotional development is as important as academic success. Include questions about her interaction with other children and willingness to participate in class discussions. 

Leave with a plan . The conference should end with a clear statement of what you will do and what the teacher will do. Schedule follow-up meetings or telephone calls to be sure the plan is working. 
Tomorrow's Dollar Jean Day will have a Brewers Theme. Come dressed in your Brewers gear, or wear blue & yellow. Wear your Brewer's gear for a chance to win a special Brewers prize! Go Brewers!! Money raised from this dollar jean day will go to Catholic Charities USA for hurricane relief.
Don't forget Trunk or Treat is tomorrow, Friday, October 12th. See the flyer on our website for reminders and information.
Fire Safety Day 2018
Thank you to the Greenfield Fire Department personnel who came on Wednesday for their annual Fire Safety Day.
Presentations were made to students in Grades K4 through 6th. Unfortunately, the heavy afternoon rain cancelled the 3rd grade trip to the safety house, so they will be rescheduling for a later date.
VIP Day  
All students are encouraged to dress as their favorite saint in celebration of All Saints Day on Thursday, November 1st.  Remember – all students must provide the name of the saint they are portraying to their classroom teacher no later than Tuesday, October 30th. All parents, grandparents, and VIP guests are invited to join us for All Saints Day mass at 10 AM on November 1st.  
Cousins Subs Day
October 18th (Early Dismissal)

Head on over to the Cousins Subs at 7495 W. Layton Ave. for a delicious sandwich. A portion of sales for the day will be donated to our Home & School Association. We thank Paul at Cousins for his ongoing generosity toward our school. Scrip cards can be purchased at the parish office during regular business hours.
SJE Snack Cart Grand Opening! - Our Fuel Up to Play 60 team received grant money for a snack cart! It will debut on Tuesday, Oct. 23 with free samples of healthy snacks for our students. More information about items for sale and pricing will be shared next week! The cart will be open in the morning from 7:30-7:45. Stay Tuned!
Calendar Raffles 
Each SJE family has received an envelope with their calendar raffles. Our families are asked to sell a minimum of seven raffles, supporting our Home and School Association. The envelope contains directions for the sale, as well as seven raffles.   

Opportunities to sell raffles at parish and school events are available. If you are unable to sell your calendar raffles to family or friends, just contact our school office. 

Need extra calendar raffles? Call the office at 414-321-8540, and we will send some home. All money, raffle stubs, and unsold calendars MUST be returned to the school office no later than Friday, December 7 th .
Boxtops for Education
Challenge is Complete
The winner is..... 8th Grade!

Thank you to all who clipped coupons and sent them in. We are well on our way to another big check from BoxTops! The 8th grade class will be awarded an out-of-uniform day.

Keep saving those BoxTops. You may turn them in to the office anytime during the school year. 
St. John the Evangelist School
Fax: 414-321-4450
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