Fall Fundraiser begins
Starting this week and ending on October 11th, buy a variety items from this packet (held by Gavin Bennett in 5B). The money raised from this fundraiser will help support class trips.
Teacher Feature!
Sr. Lisa Florio
This week's teacher featured comes from another move in the eighth grade. Sr. Lisa, formerly one of our eighth grade homeroom teachers, has transitioned to our school-wide science teacher. And in her new role, Sr. Lisa likes the change.

"I've been teaching science over 20 years and this is my masters so it's great to have the ability to teach science to every grade," says Florio.

She also sees the benefit for the school to have one science teacher; there is now a "flow" between the grades.
The Mood Meter and how to build emotional intelligence by labeling your emotion
Let's recap! RULER is an emotional management system we are now using in our school to help our students both academically and socially. Our teachers were first trained this summer and now are integrating the system within their classroom. Classes first built a charter and then learned the mood meter. Next step? Defining that mood meter! Pictured above is Mrs. Eisenhandler's (5A) class working with their customized mood meter in class. They've identified what each color block means and have characterized each mood with a character like Eeyore; adding characters reaffirms what each color block means and illustrates what the mood can look like. Good work, 5A!
Other News!
Extracurricular opportunities and student service highlight
Our sixth grade classes stared a fundraise! Starting at the beginning of the school year, sixth grade put together "Change for Texas." Following the tragic news of Hurricane Harvey, sixth grade wanted to do their part in helping those Texan communities. The fundraiser has raised so far close to 600 dollars! The collections are still going. Great work, sixth grade!
´╗┐ To note: While the fundraiser was created in response to Hurricane Harvey, recent hurricanes following Harvey will receive a portion of their fundraising.

Next week is a big week for clubs at
St. Augustine! Student council is having an assembly next week for candidates to give their speeches. Elections follow directly after the assembly. The election will hold votes for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer as well as classroom representatives. These roles are available for fifth grade through eighth grade. Good luck to all our running candidates!

Next week is also the beginning to Newspaper, Yearbook and Dance Team. Newspaper will have an informational meeting on Monday 2:15 - 3pm, but will then meet next Mondays and Thursdays 2:15 - 3:15pm through the rest of the year. This club is open to all grades. Dance Team will hold an informational meeting on Tuesday 2:15 - 3:15pm as well as tryouts on Thursday 2:15 - 3:15pm. Dance Team is open to seventh and eighth graders. Students wishing to tryout should bring in comfortable clothes and shoes to dance in on Tuesday and Thursday. And, lastly, Yearbook begins this coming week for eighth graders. Yearbook takes place on Tuesdays (times vary).

Important Dates
  • Saturday, September 23rd - Bridgeport Diocese Trip to Washington DC
  • Monday, September 25th - Student Council Election Assembly
  • ´╗┐Wednesday, September 27th - Half Day for students (Noon Dismissal)
  • Monday, October 2nd - Q1 Progress Reports go home
  • Monday, October 9th - Columbus Day (No School)
Which school clubs are you looking to join?
"Maybe, the Newspaper."
Nicolle Berthi, 7B
"Yearbook and, probably, Newspaper."
Shanen Civil, 8B
"I would want a soccer club."
Jason Carriotte, 5B
"No clubs currently. I would like a baking club."
Taylia Wilson, 6A