School in full swing
Second week of school is complete and we've hit our stride! Full day schedules, hot lunches, and special classes are in motion as our school year starts to get that routine in motion.
Teacher Feature!
Mr. Phillip Pittocco
Like last week's teacher featured, our new eighth grade homeroom teacher to join Mrs. Donnelly (8A) across the hall is also a familiar face. Mr. Phillip Pittocco moved from our 8th grade Math and 6th grade Religion to his own homeroom in eighth grade (8B).

"The year [will be] filled with new opportunities for sharing and exploring ideas," says Mr. Pittocco, explaining his excitement for the new year.

Welcome back, Mr. P. Good luck with the new year!´╗┐
Tech Tidbits!
Student Google Accounts

Starting this week and finishing up next week, all students (fourth through eighth grade) will be activating their new Google Accounts. For the past two years, our students have used Google Accounts to collaborate and create documents, slideshows, websites and other applications found in the Google App Suite. As our four schools continue to become one school with four campuses, our domain has changed for our Google Accounts from to Look for more information and Google Policy & Agreement forms to be distributed home next week.
What does RULER stand for and how is RULER currently working in the classroom
RULER stands for r ecognizing emotions, u nderstanding its causes, l abeling and labeling correctly those emotions, e xpressing those emotions appropriately, and r egulating emotions effectively. How does RULER look currently in the classroom? By grade level, classes this week have been meeting and forming charters to define the emotions they want to feel in the classroom; the students have taken lead by identifying emotions that will make them feel safe, secure and successful all year and creating posters to display these charters.
Important Dates
  • Saturday, September 16th - Eighth Grade (only) Church Service and Pizza Truck with Bishop Caggiano (11am start)
  • Saturday, September 23rd - Bridgeport Diocese Trip to Washington DC
  • ´╗┐Wednesday, September 27th - Half Day for students (Noon Dismissal)
  • Monday, October 9th - Columbus Day (No School)
What has surprised you so far this new school year?
"Computers [class] has not started yet."
´╗┐Joshua Mine, 6 A
"What surprised me this year are the new students and that means our school is increasing more and more. We're popular!" Emily DeSouza, 7A
"What has surprised me is how big the gym is and how we have teachers here that a lot of people know and it is really fun right now."
MariaClara Pereira, 4A
"The classes have changed a lot and our teachers have changed a lot. And in seventh grade, we are [all ready] preparing to get ready for high school." Angel Romero, 7A