Back-to-School Night was here
As we finish our third week (and first full week) of school, we close the week with our Back to School Night! Thank you to all of our students and parents who participated and our staff and faculty for the welcoming event. Check out our Facebook page to see all the photos from the night!
Teacher Feature!
Mrs. Ann Marie Donnelly
Moving across the hall from Mr. Pittocco is our 34 years young (31 in eighth), Mrs. Donnelly. And her excitement for this year is like its her first.

"[There's] always something to learn; always a way to grow; always new challenges. I love teaching 8th grade because there's never a dull moment. They force me to open my eyes to new and different pop culture. They keep me young (!!!LOL!!! and fresh). They are my family outside of my home!" say Mrs. Donnelly. "I love 8th graders. They are funny, warm, open to trying new things, and loving."

Tech Tidbits!
Google Accounts, Facebook Page, & Plus Portals

Just a quick recap: (1) all of our students are up and running on their Google Accounts! These account will allow them to blend their leaning in the classroom by using applications like Google Docs. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders do not have an email option with their accounts; seventh and eighth graders do. Agreement forms will be sent home Monday. (2) Check out our Facebook page and give us a follow! Lots of great updates are happening on that page. Link is at the beginning of this newsletter. (3) Within the next coming weeks, parents will gain access to the Teacher Plus Portal pages; this will allow parents to see assignments, grades, and announcements happening in their child's classroom.
The Mood Meter and how to build emotional intelligence by labeling your emotion
In the first couple weeks of school, our teachers and students have completed step one of RULER. (RULER stands for r ecognizing emotions, u nderstanding its causes, l abeling and labeling correctly those emotions, e xpressing those emotions appropriately, and r egulating emotions effectively.) As grade levels, classes created charters to name and champion the emotions they want to feel in their classroom this school year. Now, with knowing what we want to feel in class, it is time to learn emotional management. The mood meter above (which you can download and monitor through an app) allows students, teachers and families to be able to pinpoint and identify emotions correctly. Once you can figure out the emotion you are actually feeling, the process to achieving successful emotions begins.
Other News!
Extracurricular opportunities and surprise meetings
This week was an exciting week that brought us our Back to School Night, but earlier in the week, our students were treated to world class musical presentation from Effman Music Group. They introduced the different families of instruments through song and our students loved it!

If you and your child are interested in this program, sign the forms today and make sure they are returned this week to school. This is a great opportunity to learn a forever skill.

If your child is not interested in playing an instrument, there are other extracurricular opportunities starting soon at school. Many of our teachers have formed interesting clubs for your child to join. From Newspaper (5th to 8th grade) to Craft Club to Lego Club to Yearbook (8th grade), there are plenty of fun ways to show school spirit.

Do not see a club your child would be interested in joining? There are still chances for more clubs to form. Pay attention to the newsletter to see club list updates!

Alongside our extracurricular opportunities, our school provides scholarship opportunities as well. Here is Nahiser Castillo meeting with her sponsor Mrs. Sarita Hanley. Thank you, Mrs. Hanley, for your support of St. Augustine Academy and our students.
Important Dates
  • Saturday, September 16th - Eighth Grade (only) Church Service and Pizza Truck with Bishop Caggiano (11am start)
  • Thursday, September 21st - Basketball parents meeting (6pm)
  • Saturday, September 23rd - Bridgeport Diocese Trip to Washington DC
  • Monday, September 25th - Student Council Election Assembly
  • Wednesday, September 27th - Half Day for students (Noon Dismissal)
  • Monday, October 2nd - Q1 Progress Reports go home
  • Monday, October 9th - Columbus Day (No School)
If you could play any instrument, what would you play?
Krystell Montes, 6B
Horace Daley, 6A
Khory Douthit, 8B
Fiorella Rivero, 4A