Class of 2018 closes a chapter
Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 marked a beginning and an end for the Class of 2018. Beginning with practice and a pancake breakfast, ending with thrown tassels and sugary cakes, the Cathedral hosted a warm celebration for our leading class. Scroll down below to see more of the celebration!
A Final Goodbye
from Maivi
I want to say goodbye.
and encompass
the black and white memories
that have painted themselves
on the walls of our minds. 
picture frames hung carelessly
slanted and crooked,
among the chipped paint of
what we once called home.
they swim in a sea of nostalgia
throwing currents against the rocks,
smoothing our jagged edges,
turning glass into crystals,
constructing person after person.
we were all laid upon these barren halls.
feet slipped into new shoes of new minds,
hands groping what was given
reaching for dreams that hung
upon the ceiling like sparkling stars
chasing gray clouds endlessly,
and the moon, a flawless ring against the soft
of blue sky,
observing our short lived youth.
we waved our soft hands in goodbye
the first day of Pre-K,
now we raise our caps in gratitude
the last day of eighth grade,
I want to say goodbye. 
and pull heart strings
as we grant our passage way,
through the halls, down the alley.
off to the next chapter we wander,
lost and unsure but willing. 
we salute with our hands to our heads
as the next battle greets our bullets,
but we keep in memory, al the black and
white photos
that hung along the barren walls.
Eighth Grade Graduation
Here are a few of the sights and sounds from the final day of the Class of 2018.
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Schedule Reminders
Thursday, June 21st and Friday, June 22nd are HALF DAYs and our FINAL DAYs of school.
Other Reminders/Notes:
  • Register for the 2018-2019 school year by April 1st for FREE; if you register for St. Augustine after April 1st, the application has $100 fee attached; Click here for registration forms in English and Spanish.
  • Please check your child's grades on Plus Portals online at any time! If you do not have access, please call the Main Office for assistance at 203-306-6500.
  • FINANCIAL AID UPDATE: Following an email sent out this spring, click here to learn more information on financial assistance for the 2018-2019 school year from Director of Finance Pam Rowella.
Some happenings
around St. Augustine!

´╗┐Ms. Gardner signs yearbooks at Mrs. Donnelly's Yearbook Signing party. Fourth graders - Terrell, Nalani and Maria - sign farewell messages to their classmates and friends as well!

The Eighth Grade class traveled to New York City the day following graduation! The trip consisted of walks to Bryant Park, Central Park and Times Square along with seeing the Broadway show School of Rock! Great way to wrap up the year!
Important Dates
  • Tuesday, June 12th - Fourth Grades takes a trip to Beardsley Zoo to visit the tiger pups and present their fundraiser money.
  • Wednesday, June 20th - FUN DAY at St. Augustine!
  • Thursday, June 21st - HALF DAY OR SCHOOL for 4th-7th (This is a NOON dismissal.)
  • Friday, June 22nd - FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL for 4th-7th (This is a half day; there is NOON DISMISSAL.)
  • Monday, July 2nd - Jumpstart begins!
As we start to wrap up this school year, view below four videos
that showcase some fabulous moments at our school this year!
As we become a school of blended learning (mixing technology with real world instruction), watch our students interact with our new batch of chromebooks in class!
Eighth grade were the leaders of school not just in the hallways but in the classroom. Watch our upperclassmen conduct a poetry workshop!
St. Augustine is a school of many extracurriculars; see student council host a "Santa Shop" at Christmastime, allowing our students to purchase gifts for their families.
Not only do we have a vast amount of clubs but we also make sure to immerse our students in the real world. Watch fifth grade's trip to Barnes and Noble!
Have families members or friends interested in having their children attend St. Augustine? Contact the office for help with enrollment!
Our Mission
The Catholic Academy of Bridgeport provides a Christ-centered, academically rigorous learning environment, where cultural diversity is welcomed, Catholic versus taught, and all faiths celebrated. Students are nurtured, encouraged, and challenged in preparation for
a successful life of leadership and service.