Coming full circle with our eighth grade
Last Thursday, St. Augustine eighth graders - along with St. Ann and St. Andrew's eighth graders - participated in a final mass and cake reception to celebrate the end of both their school year and elementary education in the Catholic Academy. View below the beautiful moments between our students and families; to see more, please visit our Facebook page!
Teacher Feature!
A Year with RULER
This week's Teacher Feature checks back in with Mrs. Siobhan Badeaux and the RULER program. RULER is "an evidence-based approach for integrating social and emotional learning into schools, developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence." RULER has been assisting our students all year on how to cope with their emotions.

"We have made it through three different phases [of the RULER program] of the four," says Dr. Bo. "We've made it through the classroom charter, the mood meter and through the metamoment. Next year, we will tackle the blueprint, which is long-term planning and really thinking through your emotions and how they affect your whole life. The RULER program has been part of the whole school climate - it is our commitment to creating a positive social climate at our school. It will continue into next year and we will pick up right where we left off to help students understand that they can regulate their emotions and have a positive impact on themselves, their family and the world."

For Mrs. Badeaux, RULER allows students to have a "say" in building the right environment in their classroom for both themselves and the teacher. She has already started blueprints with the students she meets weekly. She also advises parents to "keep the language going" this summer and utilize the mood meter (pictured below) when they can. RULER creates an emotional structure of success for all involved!
Eighth Grade Mass & Cake Reception
In one week, our eighth graders will graduate; see one of their end of the year celebrations below!
Schedule Reminders
Friday, June 22nd is a HALF DAY and our FINAL DAY of school. Tuesday, June 5th is the final day and graduation for our eighth graders.
Other Reminders/Notes:
  • Register for the 2018-2019 school year by April 1st for FREE; if you register for St. Augustine after April 1st, the application has $100 fee attached; Click here for registration forms in English and Spanish.
  • Please check your child's grades on Plus Portals online at any time! If you do not have access, please call the Main Office for assistance at 203-306-6500.
  • Eighth Grade Graduation will be at 6pm in the Cathedral on Tuesday, June 5th; eighth grade will also have a pancake breakfast that same morning!
  • FINANCIAL AID UPDATE: Following an email sent out last month, click here to learn more information on financial assistance for the 2018-2019 school year from Director of Finance Pam Rowella.
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Mikhye of 8A conducts a portion of the docent tour.
Kaylah of 4A admires art work at HCC.

´╗┐Ricardo of 6B takes a moment to appreciate his hard work as he helps his fellow Catholic Academy classmates clean out the shore of Long Island Sound by St. Ann's Academy. All four sixth grade classes collected pounds and pounds of garbage and then turned the garbage into something useful.

Dr. Bo shares a smile at the Catholic Academy's golf tournament last Thursday. The tournament works to raise money for each of the four schools in the Catholic Academy.
Important Dates
  • Monday, May 28th - Memorial Day (No School)
  • Wednesday, May 30th - OPEN HOUSE 8:30am - Noon for donors
  • Thursday, May 31st after-school activities:
  • Newspaper Club 2:15 - 3:15pm
  • Friday, June 1st - St. Augustine FILM FESTIVAL screens the film projects seventh and eighth grade have been working on in technology class for the last two quarters
  • Tuesday, June 5th - EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATION
  • Wednesday, June 6th - Eighth Grade Trip to NYC
  • Friday, June 22nd - FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL for 4th-7th (This is a half day; there is NOON DISMISSAL.)
Why is Memorial Day important to you?
"Because we honor those who fight for this country."
Gavin, 5B
"Because of the people who fought and defended this country. "
Isabella, 5B
"Because it is a day for all of our families to be together."
Valiolah, 5B
"Because of the people who helped fight for our country and others."
Max, 5B
Have families members or friends interested in having their children attend St. Augustine? Contact the office for help with enrollment!
Our Mission
The Catholic Academy of Bridgeport provides a Christ-centered, academically rigorous learning environment, where cultural diversity is welcomed, Catholic versus taught, and all faiths celebrated. Students are nurtured, encouraged, and challenged in preparation for
a successful life of leadership and service.