Ram's Horn
May 18, 2018

2018 Shepherd Misson Gala
"Caring for Children Near& Far" the Auction was a great success and a fabulous evening. Thanks to all who actively participated in preparing for the Gala and to all that donated items for the auction. A special THANK YOU to all who generously participated in raising over $35,000. These funds are a great blessing. These funds will help our school implement new technology and support short term mission trips to Cambodia and Zimbabwe.
We are currently in the process of establishing an auction committee for 2019. Please contact Dave Stone, Lisa Jennings, Jim Mulford or Maynard Buck to share your interest.  We are planning to have the auction committee in place by the end of June.
Piano Awards
Special congratulations to the following PIANO STUDENTS at Shepherd for their recent participation in the National Piano Guild Auditions. They all worked very hard to perform their memorized pieces in front of an adjudicator last week. Each of these students received either Excellent or Superior Ratings!   Many hours of practice paid off in their high ratings! All of Ms. Duensing's Piano students will perform in their Spring Recital next week on Thursday, May 17 at the Recital Hall in Classic Pianos in Denver. It's been a great year of Piano with all the students!
Local WInners - 2-3 memorized pieces
District Winners - 4-6 pieces
National WInners - 10-14 pieces
End of Year Picnic
Friday, May 25, 11:30 am

Ice cream and cold treats will be available to purchase. Prices range from $.50- $2.00. 

There will be games such as ladder golf, bean bag toss, badminton, and volleyball. 

Have you ordered your meal? It's not too late. Click HERE for the order form. 
Mark Your Calendar
Next week is the last week of school. Below are events you may want to put on your calendar. 

May 22 - ELC Closing Service
May 24 - 8th Grade Graduation/Reception
May 25 - Closing Services, 9:45 am
May 25 - Last day of school
May 25 - Early dismissal 11:30 am
Have You Registered for VBS Yet?
Spots are filling up FAST! It's going to be AWESOME so don't wait too long to register!

Click HERE to register. 
Summer Camp
It seems too soon but it will be here before we realize it! There's still space but don't wait too long! Click HERE to sign up!

Summer camp packets and brochures are available in the base camp room. Be sure to sign up for swim lessons. Let Michele know if they are 5 & over and doing swim lessons & open swim. Cost for open swim is $5.00 per day payable to SOTH.  Information on swim shirts will be available next week.

Michele D. Tinsman
Piano in the Summer
Did you know that individual piano lessons are offered at Shepherd during the school day AND throughout the SUMMER?!?   Summer can be a great time for piano lessons!  For information regarding summer lessons or school time lessons, contact Nancy.Duensing@gmail.com or pick up a brochure in the school office. New research is proving that there is no other activity that stimulates as much of the brain simultaneously as reading music! Take advantage of what piano lessons can do for your child academically, emotionally, artistically and creatively!  

Jack's Corner
QUESTION: My boys are always wrestling and rough-housing. I worry that they will become too violent. My husband says they are just "being boys." Who's right?
ANSWER: Most boys enjoy being physical. The testosterone surging in their bodies makes them want to move around, test their strength, and act more aggressively than females (a generalization, of course). This need to touch, run, throw, kick and wrestle is not usually appreciated... 

Click HERE to finish reading the article.