Ram's Horn
December 1, 2017

Presented by Jack Lipski, M.A.
Shepherd School Counselor
WHAT?               A "hands on" training session to help kids recognize
                             and avoid dangerous strangers.  Plus, handouts
                             and information for parents.
WHO?                 Children ages 4 to 9 and their parents.
                             (Parents must attend with their children)
WHEN?               Sunday, December 3rd, 4:00 to 5:00 PM.
WHERE?            Parish Hall (building east of the gym
Help your kids find answers to the following questions:
                   --Who is a dangerous stranger?
                   --What are the two tactics strangers always use on kids?
                   --How can kids recognize and resist a lure?
                   --What can kids do to protect themselves?
                   --What is inappropriate touch?
Kids will have opportunities to practice and role-play real life situations to help them remember and have the courage to protect themselves.  Space is limited.  Please, SIGN UP IN ADVANCE by calling Jack Lipski  303-798-0711, ext. 372. or email at jlipski@sothfamily.org


Scrip Socking Stuffers
This month only, we will carry a limited inventory of $5 Starbucks cards and $10 Target cards for the holiday season. Sounds like a great stocking stuffer! They will be available Thursday, 12/6.

Street Smart at SouthGlenn   
It's easy to help our school earn $250 to $2500. Just shop and log receipts from any of The Streets at SouthGlenn stores and restaurants between August 15, 2017 and April 30, 2018. Our school earns five points per dollar spent, with many additional bonus points opportunities. Receipts can be logged at the Retail/Residential Management Office or dropped in the collection box in the Concierge Lobby if you do not need them returned. Remember to tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to log their receipts. Anyone can support your school in the Street Smarts program. Questions? Contact Audrey Monson, AMonson@sothfamily.org.

  • Please note that BASE CAMP closes at 6:00 PM! Late pick-up triggers fees at $5.00 per minute.  Example: Pick up at 6:05 pm = $25 fee. Please respect our hard-working staff who have families waiting for them.
  • Base Camp will be closed over Christmas Break.
  • Does anyone have a couple of comfy chairs or a love seat that you no longer want? We would love to take them off your hands to use for the older kids in the base camp room.
Jack's Corner

  My kids want to see every movie that comes along because all their friends do.  They ask:  "What's wrong with it?"  Give me some guidelines, please!
Personally, I don't see many movies.  Frankly, I don't want to.  The same goes for most of what's on television.   Hollywood could have so much good to offer our culture (What a powerful medium!), but it has generally taken the low road.  That said, it is the spiritually immature Christian who asks:  "What is wrong with it?"  The mature Christian always asks:  "What is right about it?"  (Parents, ask your kids:  "What's right about it?")