Permit Suspensions and Planning for your Sections
Friends in Scouting
Many scouting sections across the council had their school use permits suspended this week. We are so encouraged by the teamwork, quick thinking, and dedication our scouters and staff put forward in helping groups find solutions. If nothing else, the loss of our permits, however inconvenient, has reminded us all how resourceful and adept we scouters are (naturally!).

We wanted to take this opportunity to make clear some information regarding safety and meeting spaces:

  • Meeting in a scouter's home is not a viable option. There are too many risks including the potential for youth to be exposed to unscreened adults.
  • It is encouraged that you bring the meetings outdoors. This is a great opportunity to engage the youth in safety planning. If thunderstorms or the like are on the horizon, do not proceed with your meeting. It's always safety first.
  • Not every outing requires an adventure form. Please discuss plans with your GCs.
  • If you need help with booking spaces that are new to your group and where there are no agreements in place, let your respective RM or GSS know - we can help!

We are also interested to hear from your groups and to learn what sorts of adventures you've been having, what things you have learned, what the youth have enjoyed or how they have taken part in helping plan new adventures. Please do share your stories with us so we can share them with all our peers in SWC.

Yours in scouting
Jason, Kit and Nikki
Shining Waters Council Key 3
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