September 18, 2020
Dear Columbus Academy Families,
Normally we schedule for school photos to be taken during the opening week of classes. We pushed it back a little bit this year to allow for everyone, teachers and students alike, to adjust to pandemic-related routines and conditions that 2020 has thrown at us.
Because having a good school photo taken requires the very temporary removal of masks as well as other precautions such as social distancing in wait lines, we have built in much more time for these pictures to happen. In fact, we’ll have the photographer here over the next two weeks, from September 21st through October 2nd.
The logistics of fitting this into our daily schedules has still proved to be extremely daunting, however, so we cannot share exact dates for each grade level at this time. Our division heads will send follow-up communications this weekend providing more details, and your children may not find out their specific days until they are communicated ahead of time (hopefully by at least a day or two) by classroom teachers in the Lower School -- where all school photos will be taken in the morning -- and by advisors in our Middle and Upper Schools.
In the meantime, please visit to place your order in advance. Purchases can be made after school pictures have been taken, but the prices will be a little bit higher so it’s best to pre-order.
If your children are learning remotely for the next two weeks, please contact Shannon Nelson at or 614-509-2224 to make special arrangements for this year’s school photos.
If you have any questions about ordering your photos, you can contact the photographer at Otherwise, please keep an eye out for more schedule details from division heads, teachers and advisors.
Thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding on many school-related issues such as this. Your patience as we all manage these ever-changing circumstances is so very appreciated.
Enjoy your weekend,
Director of Communications and Marketing