August in Arizona means summer vacation for kids is slowly coming to an end because school starts this month. But it's still hot out there! What can you do for your hairy dogs in the heat? Do you get your dog groomed with a cute, summer haircut that is appropriate for the hot weather? We'll talk
about summer cuts and why it's not necessary to shave your large dogs. We'll also talk about the dos and don'ts for dog socialization. Your children may be down because school starts this month. Your dog is not too happy either since his best friend will be away from home and then hitting the books. What can you do for your bored pets? All the information is right here in this month's Pet Tips and Treats newsletter, which is filled with valuable information. Remember to watch for our periodic special discount "treat" just for you and your pet to enjoy. Don't forget to share the love and send our newsletter to others who also cherish their pets.

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August 2017

August loves pets! Celebrate cats with International Cat Day and National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day. Remember beloved pets who have passed away on
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Aug. 1, DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs. The North Shore Animal League America declared Aug. 1 as a birthday for all the shelter animals whose birthdays are unknown.
Aug. 8: International Cat Day
Aug. 26, National Dog Day
Aug. 28, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Summer Haircuts for Dogs and Why You Shouldn't Shave Certain Breeds

As hot as humans get in summer, it's even hotter for dogs. Many people get their dogs a summer haircut to trim long, matted hair for their dog's comfort. Some people shave their dogs, but is that the right thing to do?
Dogs sweat differently than humans and their coat actually protects them in many ways.

To Do or Don't: Socialization Tips for Your Dog

Your dog is adorable. The cutest pup on the block. But his manners! What do you do with your precious furry family member who lacks socialization skills?
Manners go a long way in both humans and dogs. There is hope if your dog lacks socialization skills. It's naturally better to start socializing when your dog is a puppy. "It's the important process of exposing a puppy to other animals and people so he will be better equipped to handle social situations," according to "The Do's and Don'ts for Socializing Your Puppy" an article at Vetstreet.com.

Make Plans for Your Dog Now that the Kids are Back to School

Summer is such a great time for your kids and their pets. Dogs get extra time with their best human friends. Extra playtime. Extra treats. Staying up late and bonding all summer long. Now that kids are heading back to school and spending more time on homework and after-school activities, family pets may become depressed.

Employee of the month: Kristin Murray, Customer Service Specialist

Name it and Kristin Murray does it as Customer Service Specialist at Second Home Pet Resort. "We are the face of the company," she said, handling potential new clients for day care, boarding and grooming, providing tours of the facility, answering numerous calls and handling paperwork. "We usually have at least one dog hanging out with us behind the front desk, and cuddling dogs as part of my job is definitely awesome."
Kristin came to Second Home 8 months ago and brought her love of animals that began when she was a young child.
Creating positive experiences for human and pet clients is most important. "I want people to feel good when they leave our facility and to feel at peace knowing their pets will be cared for," she said.
Kristin ensures clients that their pets are in the best of hands. "Our staff is fully equipped and more than capable to care for sick or elderly pets," she said.
"Everyone at Second Home genuinely loves their job," Kristin said. The best part of her job is the pets, but the staff makes it even better. "We all come together for one purpose: to care for the animals and make it a positive experience for everyone involved."

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