Welcome back! Our school year has begun and our students have brought life back to the Boulevard. We began the year on August 26 with a beautiful mass for our faculty and staff members in the newly updated Loyola Chapel. If you have a moment the next time you are on campus, I highly recommend you stop by this warm and quiet space.

After mass our faculty and staff set to work on a week’s worth of reflection and preparation for the year ahead. But our school didn’t truly spring to life until September 3 - when the bright, fresh faces of our new Freshmen and Arrupe Division students appeared at BC High. As is our tradition, members of the community gathered outside and waited to greet the boys as they arrived. Whether it was Principal Lewis, several of our faculty and staff, or Morris E. Eagle himself, every young man started the day with a smile and a handshake. It’s the best way to start the year. After greeting our upperclassmen the same way on the following day, I believe I must have received 1000 strong handshakes!

The first week of our year was filled with many powerful and tone-setting moments. From Freshman Convocation, to a blessing of the helmets by Fr. Pat Nolan, SJ for the football team, to the Mass of the Holy Spirit and Missioning of Principal Adam Lewis, every moment held the grace and promise of our mission, and the wonder of what is yet to come.

I look forward to seeing many of you this upcoming year, whether it be on our campus or at community receptions throughout the country.
Welcoming the Boys Back!
As I said, one my favorite things to start the year has been our tradition of welcoming our boys back with handshakes on their first day of school. For more pictures, visit this link!
Mass of the Holy Spirit and Missioning of Principal Lewis
On Friday, our community gathered to celebrate and worship together. Our school was alive with the spirit of all the students, families, faculty, staff, alumni and friends gathered with us.

It is fitting that we joined together at the Mass of the Holy Spirit to pray for God’s blessing on Principal Lewis. This mass is celebrated at Jesuit institutions all over the globe – a symbol of the worldwide network to which we belong, a family Mr. Lewis represents so well. Mr. Lewis comes to us from across the world. He has served in Jesuit schools on three continents and brings all of that experience in our tradition, in our faith, here to BC High.

We missioned Principal Lewis to the work of walking beside our young men as a guide, a mentor, and a role model supporting their formation in the Ignatian tradition. I know his whole heart and soul are devoted to that endeavor.

But we were all missioned alongside Principal Lewis. Every member of our community is missioned simply by belonging to the BC High family. The education boys receive here prepares them to find their calling and answer it passionately. Every one of our 1500 young men strives for greatness in their own way.

During mass we had several clubs, teams, and groups at BC High process up to the altar with a symbol of their work. Those offerings stood to remind us of the myriad ways in which they are called – as we prayed for their success and growth.

As Father Greg Boyle, SJ told us last year, “BC High is not the place you go to, but the place you always go from.” This year – at BC High, in their communities, and around the world our boys will serve, they will lead, and they will strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Centering all things we do in the service of others, we held our first Mite Box collection of the year before mass concluded. Our chosen cause for the week was the United Nations Refugee Agency in collaboration with our all-school read this summer, Refugee.
School Fair and Upcoming Open Houses
On Sunday, our Enrollment team hosted a middle and high school admissions fair for more than fifty schools across Massachusetts. The fair gives families a chance to learn about many schools at one time, in one place - and they get to experience BC High firsthand. 

We were blessed to have hundreds of parents and young students in the room, and we hope to see many of them back on campus for our Arrupe Division Open House on October 26 at 10:00 a.m. and/or our High School Open House on October 27 at 11:00 a.m.

If anyone you know is exploring private school education, please consider passing along our Open House dates. Don't forget to grab an Open House yard sign at one of the Back to School nights! Contact the Enrollment Office for more information.
BC High Hosts National Anti-Racism Conference
This summer, BC High hosted a landmark anti-racism conference facilitated by renowned racial justice educator and author Jack Hill. Faculty and staff members from schools across New England (including many of our own), advocates, and activists flocked to Morrissey Boulevard to learn from respected leaders in the field of anti-racism. Together we made steps to identify and challenge white supremacy and racism in every form.

On August 13, Jack Hill joined a champion of diversity at BC High, Mrs. Barbara O’Brien Miller, for coffee and conversation with dozens of our alumni of color. These men shared their stories and overwhelmingly praised the brotherhood at BC High for its role in breaking down racial barriers. I am profoundly grateful for their Ignatian reflection and unflinching willingness to share their experiences.

I must commend Academic Vice Principal Ms. Kim Smith and Mrs. Ruth Evee P'18,'22, Director of Equity and Inclusion, for all the work they put into making this teach-in a success. Their tireless efforts have ensured our school’s role as a leader in the conversation and work of anti-racism.
On the Boulevard and Beyond
I hope you'll join us at an upcoming event:

  • Parent Engagement Fair - Interested in getting involved? Join us on September 22 to learn about the different opportunities to volunteer and spread the word about BC High! Register here

  • Washington, D.C. Alumni Reception - Join me, Bob Lynch '67, and Dianne Brace for a gathering of our alumni in the nation's capital on September 25. Register here.

  • New York City Alumni Reception - Join me, Principal Lewis, Souren Ouzounian '85, and Mike White '70 for a gathering of our alumni in the Big Apple on October 3. Register here.

  • Legacy Breakfast - Calling all alumni fathers and grandfathers! Join us for the Legacy Breakfast on October 18. Register here.

  • Homecoming Weekend - A new BC High tradition starts this year! We are planning some wonderful Homecoming Weekend events on October 19 & 20 and hope to share more with you soon.

  • Hall of Fame Induction - Save the date! Join us on Tuesday, November 26 as the next class of remarkable student-athletes and community leaders is inducted into our Hall of Fame. Stay tuned for information to register soon.
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