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2013 WSEAT graduates with David Wyatt
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Exciting School Advocacy Updates from PWSA (USA)

Welcome to our first 2016 issue of School Times - rebranded and expanded to serve you better. This issue is chock full of great information.  But first, two exciting announcements!

The New Wyatt Special Education Advocacy Training (WSEAT)

The goal of the WSEAT is to continue building the capacity of special education advocacy skills in the PWS community.  After evaluating the 2013 training, and the special education advocacy needs and capabilities of the PWS community, we are transitioning the WSEAT to a new online model to be implemented in the summer of 2016.  Stay tuned for registration announcements in upcoming issues of School Times.  We invite and encourage you to read more about WSEAT so you will fully understand this amazing new training available to all in the PWS Community - free of charge.

The School Experience of Students with PWS in the United States:  A Groundbreaking Survey

We are launching the first ever comprehensive survey to capture the school experience of students with PWS in the United States.  This will give us important hard data on how effectively schools are supporting students with PWS and how parents/guardians feel about their experience with school professionals and the special education system.  We are asking all parents/and guardians in the PWS community to fill out this survey - both if your child is currently in school and if your child has graduated no matter how long ago.  The survey takes only 10 minutes to fill out.  You have the option to take the survey anonymously if you wish.  Thank you for your participation!  

Evan Farrar, M.A.
PWSA (USA) Crisis Intervention and Family Support Counselor

Tanya's son Dante (Age 11)
Advocacy Tips and Strategies
by Tanya Johnson, Member of the PWSA (USA) Special Education Advisory Board

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to think about a new school year. Your child's school year is coming to an end and now is the best time to set up a transition meeting with your school team. Act now and... Full Story 
For Teachers and School Staff

" Hate is a learned behavior. Love is natural
Believe it or not, teachers have a major impact on our lives.  Not only do they pump us with important information, teach us viable skills, and organize fun field trips (yes, we do consider this part to be extremely important in everyone's path towards higher education), teachers' views and attitudes can highly influence their students' outlook of the world. Full Article

FREE PWSA (USA) Informational Brochures Available!
We are happy to provide free brochures "Helping With Diet Management" and "Prader-Willi Syndrome Weight and Behavior Management"(both resources have old PWSA USA logo). "Helping With Diet Management" is great resource for anyone wanting to be educated on the nutritional needs of a person with Prader-Willi syndrome. "Weight and Behavior Management" gives great "dos and don'ts" for  managing behavior. Please contact Lorraine at  if you  are interested in ordering these free brochures today! Quantity is limited.

Important New Resource for School Nurses:  PWS Medical Alerts Booklet
PWSA (USA) has updated one of its most important medical resource for school nurses - the PWS Medical Alerts booklet. This resource provides crucial current medical information school nurses should review and keep on hand in case of medical emergencies. Content is written by leading medical experts in the PWS community. Small in size, 28 pages long, and available at a very low cost ($3 per copy) it is an important resource we highly recommend all schools order to help understand and support the medical needs of students with PWS.  You can order this resource by clicking on this link 
PWSA School Resource

New PWS Specific Transition Planning and Resource Guide for Parents Now Available!

Transitioning into the adult world can be frustrating, intimidating, and overwhelming for both PWS youths and their families. That's why it's important for parents and their children to begin transition planning when children reach 14-16 years of age. PWSA (USA) is now offering an updated publication, the Transition Planning and Resource Guide, developed especially for parents and guardians of young adults with PWS. This 104-page booklet help you answer questions about a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Vocational evaluation and transition from school to work for the student with PWS, Residential living options/considerations and services, Transportation issues, Important legal and financial issues, Personal health education, Transitioning to the adult health care system, Educating health care professionals, and Health insurance coverage.   A Transition Planning Timeline is one of the forms also included to ensure that you consider all of the aspects involved in the transition planning process. To purchase for $25.00  click here     -Kate Beaver (PWSA USA Family Support Counselor)
Video Corner: Wrightslaw 
Organization of The File

In this video Special Education Attorney Pete Wright offers parents tips and strategies for organizing their child's school records - a key step in being an effective parent advocate . Video
Free Online Guides and Resources
The National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education offers webinars for parents and professionals on resolving disputes, developing IEPs, and building strong parent/professional relationships.  To view past webinars, and to see schedule for future webinars,   Click here to visit
Upcoming Special Education Advocacy Trainings for Parents

From Wrightslaw

Don't forget to visit often our new School Issues page on the PWSA (USA) website which includes free resources you can download and videos to watch!
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