School Closed effective March 16th - Transition to eLearning
This is the email referenced in the 10:20am phone alert you received. The transcript of that alert is at the bottom. Items that require that a parent/guardian take an immediate action are bolded in the text below.

Specific Event Updates
  • Regular dismissal time of 2:00pm with regular bus and pickup procedures.
  • All after care classrooms will operate as normal. No change to after care.
  • Mr. Slater will hold band practice and will communicate directly to band parents.
  • All other updates per previous communications are as previously communicated.

eLearning Updates
  • St. Francis de Sales school is fully implementing its eLearning plan for continuity of instruction during the Archdiocese of Chicago school system closure announced this morning effective Monday, March 16th.
  • Principal Schmitt will be explaining general K-8 student expectations to students before dismissal. Grade and classroom specific expectations will be sent by homeroom teachers in K-5 and subject/classroom teachers in grades 6-8.
  • Preschool students are not expected to participate in eLearning.
  • Students in grades 6-8 will be offered the opportunity to take their Chromebook, charger, and case home if they need it. By default, students will not take a Chromebook home. However, either the parent, or the student, may opt-in to Chromebook loan. Additionally, parents have the option of opting-out if they do not want their child to take a Chromebook home. Students' families are accountable and financially responsible for any damage to Chromebooks. Students also agree to use Chromebooks in accordance with all applicable portions of the Responsible Use Policy.
  • If you as a parent/guardian of a 6th-8th grade student know that your student will need a Chromebook to engage in eLearning you can contact the school office and we will ensure that student takes a Chromebook home with them.
  • If you as a parent/guardian of a 4th-5th grade student want a student to take a Chromebook home, you can contact the school office and you will be added to a list by order of request received. If there are additional available Chromebooks to loan your student may receive a Chromebook.
  • If you are a parent/guardian of a 6th-8th grade student and you DO NOT give permission for your student to take a Chromebook home, you must contact the school office to opt-out.
  • If a parent/guardian does not contact the school office, 6th-8th grade students will be able to opt-in and take a Chromebook home.
  • As with all new implementations, we will look to continually assess and update eLearning processes over time and in response to feedback and lessons learned in initial implementation. So, even though school will be closed, please continue to read school communications that may include updates to eLearning procedures over time.

Facebook Live
Miss Van Wetering and Mr. Schmitt are attempting to organize a Facebook Live session at ~12:25pm for parents to ask questions. This is a direct implementation of feedback submitted to the survey yesterday. Check St. Francis Facebook if you would like to participate for an update if we are able to organize this on short notice.

Thank you!
I want to thank the nearly 85 parents that provided feedback yesterday via the survey. I have read the feedback and we are incorporating your requests to the best of our ability in our decision making and communications. I will also share the feedback with Fr. Ryan. The two most common write-in questions/comments were: 1) Implement eLearning immediately and 2)Questions about the ongoing cleaning procedures being followed. I will be preparing more detailed information about sanitizing cleaning for a future update. I will also respond to those that added their name with a question that is still relevant in light of our closing.

----Emergency Alert Transcript-----
Transcript of the SchoolMessenger Phone Alert Sent to all parent and guardian phone numbers in Powerschool at 10:20am

Dear St. Francis de Sales Parish School Parents and Guardians,
This is an announcement from Principal Kyle Schmitt. The St. Francis de Sales School building will be closed next Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th. Students and teachers will be transitioning to eLearning during this period of time. The school is also closed as planned during Spring Break from March 23rd to March 27th. Please note that during Spring Break from March 23rd to March 27th students will not be expected to continue with the eLearning that begins next week. Please look for an email from the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools for information about systemwide policies being enacted including a Q&A document for parents. Please also look for a Constant Contact email this afternoon which will have more information about eLearning protocols and other details related to our closure. (That refers to this email).
--End Transcript--

--Archive of Older Communications--
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