Update August 14, 2020
Dear Parents/Guardians,

As the first week of school comes to a close, I want to share how well things went. This week, we welcomed 57 primary children back onto campus. The classrooms are beautiful and safety measures are in place to keep the students and staff safe. Carline went smoothly, parents helped with health checks, and every child came to school wearing a mask with a smile behind it. It was delightful to have more children here.

I would to acknowledge our charter parents and guardians for all they did this week to support our students with their remote learning. We understand how difficult this must be for all of you not being educators yourselves and, if you are working from home, struggling to get your own work done. The flexibility and patience that these times require are nothing short of Herculean!

From feedback I have received, remote learning is going well. Students are engaged and teachers are working hard every day to provide a robust educational experience virtually. Students and teachers are proving to be adaptable and quite resilient!

We will determine by August 24 whether or not the proposed date of September 8 will, in fact, be the start date for in-person learning. That determination will be made in consideration of the AZDHS benchmarks, recommendations from county health officials, community needs, and available resources. We will provide you with updates as new information becomes available. 

Many of you have asked how you can help the school right now. Please see this wonderful FLYER from Athena in Fundraising and Development for some great ideas. The school is in need of PPE, cleaning supplies, technology and other equipment. As always, we deeply appreciate the generosity of our Villa community.

Should your charter student meet the criteria for on-site support services, please be sure to complete the form on the website. Additional information about the on-site support plan is listed there as well. We need one week’s advance notice for students to be added due to planning and staffing.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the school. We miss you!

Margo S. O’Neill, M.Ed.
Head of School

Lewis Timlick (age 3) came home on his first day and told his parents all about it. Then, he started to tear up, gave his mom a hug and said, “Thank you Mom for my new school.” He did the same for his dad.

Amy Young (age 3) standing by her mom’s bedside at 6:00 am said, “Mommy, I have tears on my cheeks because I am so excited for my first day of school.”
Parker Ross (Grade 5) was selected to be a Student Advisor on Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s Student Advisory Council for the Arizona Department of Education. 

The Student Advisory Council is made up of 20, 5-12 Grade Students from across Arizona. The Advisory Council will discuss issues important to students and advise Superintendent Hoffman and the Department of Education about their policies and procedures. The Student Advisory Council is personally very important to the Superintendent. Congratulations Parker! We are so proud of you!
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