December 10, 2020
Dear Parents/Guardians,

In observance of the start of Hanukkah at sunset tonight, we are sending out our weekly update today.

Happy Hanukkah! 

Professional Development Tomorrow
Just a reminder – there is no school tomorrow so we can provide some professional development to all of our staff. Staff will participate in a variety of opportunities including another installment of anti-bias/anti-racism training from the American Montessori Society, Elementary II, and Middle School staff will partake in a required suicide training for individuals working with students in Grade 6 – 8, Elementary I staff will receive training on supporting students’ development of executive functioning skills, and other staff will have time to work in their classrooms and meet to discuss student needs.

COVID-19 Cases
Currently, we have one elementary student who has tested positive for the virus. Guidance from MCDPH indicated that we should keep that classroom closed for a total of 10 days. We also have 1 infant that tested positive requiring us to close that room as well.

Here is our school-level data as of this writing:

The staff absentee rate:
ECC – 2 (1 is positive, 1 has symptoms)
Elem 1 – (1 is positive, 1 has symptoms)
Elem 2 – (1 has symptoms)
The percentage of students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19:
ECC = 5%
Toddler II – 2 students
Primary – 3 students
Elem = .01%
Elem 1 – 2
Elem 2 – 1
MS = .02%
Campbell community - 2 students
The number of students in quarantine as close contacts (excluding classrooms):
Elem – 6 students
MS – 1 student
The percentage of in-person students currently positive for COVID:
ECC - .009% (1 infant)
Elem - .003% (1 E1 student)
MS – 0%

None of us want to inadvertently be the cause of a classroom having to quarantine. We cannot overemphasize enough that what happens outside of school significantly impacts what happens in school. This is why the county is asking us (especially right now when numbers are increasing) to avoid close contact with people outside of your household. I can totally empathize with parents who are worried about their children’s emotional well-being and need to socialize with their peers. Yet, at the same time, I believe we are at a critical point and, especially with the holidays upon us, we all need to heed the county’s advice if we want to remain open for in-person learning.

COVID-19 Testing
We appreciate the number of you that are having your children tested. Here is a reminder from the MCDPH regarding testing.

As COVID-19 spreads in our community, more people are getting tested. However, getting a negative test result does not necessarily make you COVID-free. Symptoms can take up to two weeks to appear after you’ve been exposed, so you could get tested prior to having symptoms, test negative, and yet still become infected with the virus. The average time for COVID-19 symptoms to appear after infection is five days but can appear anytime between two and 14 days after exposure. This is why it’s important your quarantine after a test (even if you feel fine) in case symptoms or infection occur at a later point within the 14 day period after exposure.

A few things to remember: If an individual has had a potential exposure, the best time to get a test is 5 to 6 days following the exposure. Also, rapid tests are known to have more false negatives than PCR tests. 

Remote Learners
If your child is currently a remote learner in grades 1-8, please confirm your plans for after winter break by completing this CHANGE FORM to indicate whether your child will be returning to campus at that time or if you would like your child to remain on the remote learning track. If he/she remains on the remote learning track, the next date you will be able to select the in-person track is the week of March 15, 2021 (after spring break).

Please complete the form by Monday, December 14th so we have adequate time to plan our staffing and spacing needs.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy this lovely weather, and stay safe!

Villa Montessori Tax Credit Campaign… “Three + Me”
Please enjoy this video starring Villa students sharing how you and everyone you know can save money with the AZ public school tax credit while helping Villa at the same time.
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Villa Girl Scout Troop (a Girl Scout Troop made up of Villa students) is organizing a food donation drive to support St. Vincent DePaul's food bank, which has experienced shortages of food donations this year.

Donating is easy. Add a few dry and canned food items to your grocery list and drop the items off in the donation boxes at each campus during the carline hours: Monday – Friday, Dec. 14-18.

You can check a list of the most requested food donation items here.

You can also donate virtually at this link. Any contribution is appreciated and will go directly toward feeding families in need.

Thank you for your support!
Girl Scout Troop
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1 Join AmazonSmile
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