February 12, 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are all doing well. The school will be closed on Monday in observation of President’s Day.

This year we have an abundance of walkers leaving the elementary campus at the end of the school day. Only those students either walking or biking to a residence in the area should be leaving campus from the gate on the north side of Meadowbrook. If you pick your child up in your vehicle, please follow our carline procedure. I completely understand how carline can take some time to get through and yet, for reasons of safety and fairness, we are asking everyone to respect this procedure.

With regard to student safety, I received an email today from a parent whose son was almost hit by one of the cars waiting by the walkers exit gate yesterday. It would be tragic if one of our students was injured.

COVID illness data


Infants – 1 student
Primary – 2 students
E1 – 2 students
E2 - 2 students

Close Contacts:

Primary – 1 student*
E1 – 3 students*, 1 staff*                           * all same family
E2 -1 student**
MS -1 student**                                          ** same family

Positive cases:

E1 - 1 student*
Primary – 1 staff still recuperating

Remote learners

Next week we will be sending out an email to all charter remote learners to determine if any will be returning to in-person learning after spring break. This will be the LAST time remote learners will be able to return to campus this school year. Please complete the form by Friday, February 19th.


At the last board meeting, the board resolved to form a DEI committee (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). This committee will serve to ensure that the board holds itself accountable to the plan outlined in the August 20, 2020 letter to the Villa community. You can read the letter here. The board has also scheduled one of two board training events. The first event will take place in mid-March with the second event following approximately two weeks later. The staff will be meeting very soon to discuss identifying and responding to micro-aggressions among students.

Have a very happy Valentine’s Day. 

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This year has been very different, for everyone and for Villa as well. Generous contributions like yours make it possible for us to continue to serve an enriching, meaningful, authentic Montessori education and help us deliver the best possible experiences for all of our students. Thank you, again!

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