February 26, 2021
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff,
Elementary and middle school students celebrated Pink Shirt Day this week. During the week, classrooms participated in anti-bullying activities such as role-playing, taking a pledge to stand up to bullies, watching related videos, and reading related articles and books. Our staff did a great job!
Update On COVID-19 Spread From MCDPH

Two of three statewide benchmarks for COVID-19 spread are now in the “moderate” category in Maricopa County.  Here is the newly-released data from ADHS:
  • Case rates per 100,000: For the most recent week of full data (2/7), Maricopa County had 173 cases per 100,000 people. Anything over 100 cases per 100,000 is considered substantial spread. For context, there were 966 cases per 100,000 people at the beginning of January (1/3).
  • Percent positivity: For the most recent week of full data (2/7), Maricopa County has seen 8.9% of COVID-19 tests come back positive. This is considered moderate spread. For context, the rate was 22.7% at the beginning of January (1/3).
  • COVID-like illness as a percentage of hospital visits: For the most recent week of full data (2/7), 6.0% of hospital visits in Maricopa County are for COVID-like illness. This is considerate moderate spread. For context, the rate was 19.0% at the beginning of January (1/3).

These are good trends, assisted by everyone who continues to take consistent measures to prevent the spread of the virus. We can slow the spread together even more if we keep it up!

COVID-19 Data at Villa

T1 – 1 student
T2 – 1 student
Primary – 5 students
E1 – 3 students
E2 – 3 students
Close Contact:
Primary – 1 student
Elementary – 1 staff
More From MCDPH
Summer Camp Registration
Originally, we had hoped to have summer registration information ready for distribution on March 15. We are still in the process of designing our summer programs so registration will be delayed for a week or two. As of right now, we are planning to have 3 primary classrooms open, Elementary Camp, Intro to E1, Intro to E2 and Intro to MS. Current mitigation procedures will continue (daily health checks, wearing of masks, students remaining in cohorts, using plexi-glass, cleaning and sanitation routines, etc.). We are also hoping to offer reading and math remediation classes to students needing more support in those areas. Once we know if additional funding will be coming from the state for this, we will pass that information along to you as well.
Spring Break

We are scheduled to return after Spring Break on Monday, March 15. As stated in last week’s update, we are asking that families please voluntarily quarantine for the week of the 15th if they have had any chance of exposure to the virus due to travel, get-togethers, etc. Charter students will be provided classwork for that week to do while at home.
Next week the Board’s DEI Committee is meeting with the Parent Advisory Committee. Then the entire board will be participating in a listening session with facilitator Crystal Blackwell the week following Spring Break. We also have a staff focus group meeting scheduled for early April with Crystal and Coach EJ as well. 

Our Villa Community raised an additional $438.21 between November and February through AmazonSmile! This brings the accumulated total raised to $3,818.88. Thank you all so much!

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In Closing

Stay healthy and I hope your weekend is filled with family fun.

Villa Montessori Tax Credit Campaign-Thank you! ... For contributing toward Villa's 2020 AZ Public School Tax Credit! So far we raised $69,846.54!!
Right now, a lot of us are getting ready to file our 2020 state taxes. Before you do, be sure to read about how you can benefit from Villa’s Public School Tax Credit below…

A tax credit is the ONLY way you get to decide where your tax money goes. If you owe on your AZ state taxes you can make a contribution to Villa’s Public School Tax credit and it counts as a reduction on your tax refund. Please don’t forget to take advantage of this amazing tax credit. The students at Villa need it. Please help today.
In past years, tax credit funds were limited to a small number of ways the funds could be used. Recent changes in Arizona Law now permit greater use of these funds, such as Computers & Software, Library & Text Books, Health Care Supplies, Playground & Shading Equipment, Furnishings
& Athletic Equipment. Which will allow us to use these dollars in broader ways to raise more for our classrooms. You benefit and Villa benefits.

This year has been very different, for everyone and for Villa as well. Generous contributions like yours make it possible for us to continue to serve an enriching, meaningful, authentic Montessori education and help us deliver the best possible experiences for all of our students.

If you haven’t got a chance to re-direct your state tax dollars yet, there’s still time. April 15, 2021, is the official cut-off date to make your AZ Public School Tax Credit donation to Villa Montessori School.
To make the largest impact in our classrooms, Villa Montessori introduced “Three + Me” as our slogan to inspire Villa's community to encourage three loved ones, friends, and or neighbors to donate. Please consider asking three people to also support Villa's AZ Tax Credit Campaign. They benefit and all of our students directly benefit.
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2.  Keep your receipt. 
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We thank you for your ongoing support!
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