Dear St. John’s Parents:

When we were prepping and $pending and getting ready for the first day of school in August, my naïve self would have never suspected that we would be at-home and online again soon—and still be there at Halloween. As the COVID numbers sky-rocket this week across the nation, and Guam continues with high positivity rates, the date for our safe return to campus remains uncertain.

I am grateful for the safe-keeping of our students in your homes, and I am indescribably grateful for your assistance and support for our teachers. Though this letter doesn’t contain the big news of our re-opening, there are a few things to report.

Last week the Board of Trustees approved our proposal to forego the Capital Assessment Fee for this first semester. That amount, $250, is a significantly greater refund to you than a fraction per student of our (utilities/etc.) current savings would be.  If you have already paid this fee for this semester, the Business Office will simply credit your account(s) for $250 per student. However, if you can and wish to provide this money to the school nevertheless, we will enter it as a donation and provide the necessary tax document for you. Just contact Mrs. Edna Renales, Director of Finance, for further information. I know that this is not a huge savings to you at this time, but I hope it will help a little.

Next, in response to parent/student/teacher comments regarding the compounding of pandemic shut-in, schoolwork, and other stresses you are experiencing, we have instructed Middle and Upper School teachers to provide a homework-free weekend during the final weekend of each month. What that means for students is that they will have no assignments due, or tests to study for, on the first Monday of a new month. We hope that you will be able use that free time for special family plans and general relaxation. 

Last of all, I want to thank you for participating in our recent survey on back-to-school thinking. Your survey results, as well as those of teachers and students, are available on our school website. As expected, your opinions, worries, and ideas are as diverse as, I know, they are heartfelt. 

May God bless you and your children, and our hard-working teachers!

Pat Bennett

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