What to do about permit cancellations
A message from the CK3

Dear Friends in Scouting

We understand that as of today many school use permits have been suspended due to job action. Additionally, it is unknown when this job action will end. It is important for us to take a look at the other available options for meetings given community use of schools is not available until the job action ceases. This does not affect groups who meet in other spaces, like church halls or sponsor-owned properties.

We’ve put together these notes which we will feel will help alleviate stress and give you some great ideas, as well as taking into account some safety measures meant to keep everyone free from harm and reinforce our commitment to safety.

1.     What activities have the youth in your section put forward in their planning sessions? How can we put them into action? How can we use this opportunity to continue to facilitate great, safe, scouting adventures?

There’s a rich assortment of activities available for everyone in all of our neighbourhoods. Here are some ideas:

a.        Visiting the local library and using their Maker Space (you might want to call ahead depending on the size of your group)
b.        Hiking! If going in the evening, make sure to bring flashlights or headlamps.
c.        Geocaching
d.        Boston Pizza has affordable programs at $11 a head for kitchen tours and pizza making adventures (especially great for colony)
e.        Visiting a local museum or historic site
f.         Apple Store programs (book in advance)
g.        Rock climbing for Vertical Skills OAS
h.        Meet at a local park before it gets dark and make kindness rocks https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Kindness-Rocks
i.          Volunteer at your food bank
j.          Visit your local animal shelter if they provide tours or education programs
k.        Link with other sections
l.          Sell popcorn door-to-door in small groups if it is safe to do so (i.e. not during a thunderstorm). https://www.scouts.ca/popcorn/group-fundraising.html#tips

It might go without saying, but planning should still be youth-led (given the circumstances, we would understand if next week’s activity was something more scouter-led).

2.        Important points to think of here : does our visit or trip outside of our usual meeting space require an outdoor form? Visiting a place that is relatively risk free like the library would not require a form. It depends on the level of risk. Please make sure you bring all your visit or adventure ideas forward to your GC for their approval before executing them.  All adventures or events still carry the same element of safety planning and risk assessment.  It is wise to double check whether or not we require an RIA or if we already have an agreement in place with some of our vendors/providers (for something like rock climbing for example).
3.        Do you have a really awesome idea you’d like to share? Please let us know. We're always looking for content for our council newsletter

Thanks for making great, safe, scouting adventures available for all our youth
Jason, Kit and Nikki
Shining Waters Council Key 3
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