High School Sponsors Needed
Thank you to new sponsors who have stepped up and are helping dreams of brighter future come through. We still need 4 generous donors to choose a student going to high school. For $400 a year ($33 a month, $1.09 a day) the student will get all school supplies, uniforms, clothes and a used bike to get to school and the family will receive extra monthly allotment of rice which will relieve the student from having to work in the fields instead of studying. Please click here to read their stories and fund their dreams!



On The Ground Report
Preparing for new school year
The new school year is just around the corner so our team is preparing the classrooms, lesson plans, supplies, and getting ready for registration of our preschoolers, as well as students taking English, computers and sports.
School Registration

English Class Registration

Sports Registration

We are grateful to iHerb Charitable Foundation that has provided resources
to rebuild kitchens and canteens at both schools as well as repaint toilet blocks.
The contractor will complete the kitchens before the school reopens.
Kiri Canteen

Kiri Toilets 2

Tapang Kitchen

Purchasing Uniforms for the neediest students
Besides providing a set of notebooks and pens to all our students, we also provide school uniforms, shoes and backpacks to 264 of the neediest students. While school in Cambodia is free, a child cannot attend class without school uniform and school supplies. For many families it is too difficult to purchase these items for all their children. A big thanks to our caring sponsor for the uniforms.
English classes analysis
We have been tracking the attendance of our English classes during the past year to correlate their grades and favorite teachers. Our wonderful intern, Harriet Foden has a short report on our results.   Click here to see it.
Honoring our Excellent Teachers
We have an annual review of the staff to encourage excellence and enthusiasm on the job.
Our top two members of our teaching staff were given excellent reviews by our team and the students.
We would like to honor Sitha Sok who is inspirational to his students and certainly "aspires to inspire".
Sitha's class produced all the scholarship students this year. CCDO is very proud of our little "munchkins" in preschool at Tapang. They are on a fast track of learning and are already dreaming BIG.  Thanks to Phary Ton, our head preschool teacher, who leads them through their daily activities.
Sitha Big book
Phary Preschool

Thank You for Generous Donations
Our longtime and fervent supporter Gene Dunham has graciously sponsored annual school fee for 8 children with a $1000 donation. Thank you Gene.
Congratulations to Carol Duster who together with friends has donated or rebuilt 10 wells in the past 8 months. This is in addition to her previous 5 wells. She and her husband Mark spent a month volunteering in Cambodia in February and will be back again in Feb 2017. Carol has been a great support for our Education Team and Mark is a pediatric surgeon volunteering at Angkor Hospital for Children.  Carol has been giving wells as gifts for any occasion. The well for a 50th wedding anniversary spurned yet another well from David & Dianna Smith who had been collecting change for the past 50 years. Click here to read their story.
Celebrating our Volunteers & Visitors
We sadly said "Goodbye to Geraldine Burnett", who with her gracious presence for the past three months has upped the ante in our communications department. We proudly have a new brochure as well as many videos with our scholarship students and wells. We wish her the best of luck with her next adventure.

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

Cambodian Community Dream Organization