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"The schools are ... the 'ideological arm of the Revolution'. In consequence, the activities of the schools dovetail in the most extraordinary way, both in administration and organization and in aim and spirit, into all other social agencies and interests."
John Dewey, early 20th century Marxist, author

BREAKING: Hicks will retire as Clerk of Courts

DEVELOPING: North State Journal launching Moore Co. edition
Masked school board
fails to conceal agenda

The Moore County School Board meets tonight, October 12, to rubber stamp a recommendation by Superintendent Robert Grimesey to keep students and teachers masked until November.

While masking of children is abusive, it does not deter spread of the Wuhan virus. Said virus poses no health threats to children, while masking is damaging to mental health.

Even The New York Times, for 18 months staunchly on the side of lockdowns, masks, vaccine mandates and overall pandemic hysteria, finally allowed a reporter to do some research.

"The more encouraging half of the story is on the other end of the age spectrum," writes David Leonhardt. "For children without a serious medical condition, the danger of severe Covid is so low as to be difficult to quantify (emphasis added). For children with such a condition, the danger is higher but still lower than many people believe. The risk of long Covid among children -- a source of fear among many parents -- also appears to be very low."

Yet, the Moore school board fixates on masks to divert attention from its broader agenda -- pursuit of aggressive surveying of school children via a third-party data mining platform, Panorama, to whom it is under contract.

Oh, what a web they weave. Meanwhile, the board issued a single-spaced, two-page memo warning citizens that their attendance at the meeting is subject to wide ranging protocols and "rules of order and decorum". Armed guards will remain on duty. You must march to your cars immediately after adjournment. In other words, check your First Amendment rights at the door. Sign up to make a public comment beginning at 5:45 tonight.
GOP Men's Club welcomes Little

How the GOP seized Moore County in '80s

George Little was present for the revolution in the 1980s when the Republican Party began making inroads across Moore County.

Little shares his memories through the decades during a keynote speech during the Oct. 21 Men's Club luncheon beginning at noon at The Country Club of North Carolina.

And, we're serving a club favorite, meatloaf!
NC's Hudson, others in GOP
hands tied by Dem scheme

Legislative sausage making sometimes resembles chess (with latex gloves). The latest example whipped Republicans nationwide into fury after 135 GOP members of the U.S. House apparently voted for a provision that would allow guns to be confiscated from members of the military.

But the provision deliberately was inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is the vehicle that funds our military.

Among the 135 Republicans who voted to pass the NDAA and send it to the U.S. Senate was Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-8), whose district includes a large swath of Fort Bragg. Here is the back story:
On September 20, Hudson was party to a press release demanding the "red flag" gun grab provision be removed from the pending legislation.

It urged "full removal of a 'red flag' provision in H.R. 4350 (NDAA) during the conference committee process. 
"The letter expresses deep concern that if Sec. 529 of the NDAA were to be enacted, the Second Amendment rights of U.S. military servicemembers would be violated by allowing military judges and magistrates to issue military court gun confiscation orders. Such orders could be issued on an ex parte basis, without the servicemember even being present in court to defend themselves."
Now what? Hudson and other Republicans will await the bill's Senate version to pass, at which time it returns to the House. Hudson and his surrogates are assuring Republican voters, including Moore County's party leadership, that the "red flag" provision never will survive final negotiations ahead of the NDAA's eventual passage.
Susan Hicks will not seek
re-election as court clerk

In a letter issued by email on October 12, Susan Hicks made an announcement:

In 2009 I was given one of the greatest honors of my life. You chose to put your trust in me. You helped me achieve a dream of being appointed then elected to be the Clerk of Superior Court for Moore County. 

Through your continued support and confidence, the Moore County Clerk’s Office maintained the long-standing reputation as one of the top clerk’s offices in the State. 

Having progressed from typewriter and carbon paper days to the computer and printer age, including now e-filing, and going “paperless”, it was my desire to leave in place a system, and a core team of people who can easily adapt to the rigors of a growing county, challenging times, and continued progress we are sure to face in the future. I humbly submit we have achieved these goals. 
Therefore, it is with the deepest gratitude for all the love and support many of you have given me over these many years that I announce my coming retirement as Moore County Clerk of Court. 

I will not be seeking re-election to this office. I do say this with some sadness as I will no doubt miss all the wonderful people and the relationships with which I have been deeply blessed.  I also must confess that I have a real sense of joy in that I know that the time has come, as it always does, to pass the torch to the next generation, and I am looking forward to starting my next chapter.
Early voting begins Thursday
for county municipal seats

Elections in 11 Moore County municipalities are slated for Nov. 2, 2021. Early voting begins Thursday, October 14, and is scheduled to continue through October 30 in the Moore County Agriculture Center in Carthage.

Not yet registered? Don't panic. Eligible voters can register ahead of Election Day during the one-stop early voting period. 

Voting Hours: Election polling places are open between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm. You must be allowed to vote if you are in line or inside the polling place at 7:30 pm. 
Candidate registration
for 2022 opens Dec. 6

The candidate filing period for 2022 races is fast approaching, even as prospects for opens seats weigh the recent re-drawing of Moore County's districts based on the 2020 U.S. Census.

Candidates can begin filing at noon on December 6 until noon on December 17, 2021. The new map (below) was approved by the Moore County Board of Commissioners on October 5. Three seats on the commissioners board will be vacated in 2022, District 1 (Catherine Graham), District 3 (Otis Ritter) and District 5 (Jerry Daeke). All are registered Republicans.
Voter registration is
never out of season

Consider these compelling data points provided by the North Carolina Republican Party
  • Registering people to vote is a core component of the North Carolina Republican Party’s mission. 
  • Since November 8th 2016 there have been 1.8 million new voters in North Carolina these new voters make up 25% of the states total electorate
  • Currently there are 2.17 Million Republican Voters in North Carolina, while simultaneously there are 2.42 million Unaffiliated voters. This means over one third of North Carolina’s population is made up of unaffiliated voters. Voter Registration allows us to target those unaffiliated voters!
  • Through Voter Registration we’re growing the Republican Party. 
  • Newly registered voters are more likely to vote AND volunteer for the campaign. 
  • Voter Drives are an excellent way to stay proactive with your local county base!
Let's Go Brandon goes viral
to replace F--- Joe Biden

Supporters of former President Trump and Americans dissatisfied with Joe Biden have turned the chant "Let’s Go Brandon!" into a massive social media viral trend that has shown up at sporting events, airports, memes, all the way to the former president’s Saturday rally in Iowa. (Source:
By the numbers


Data released October 8 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Oct. 1, 2021, a total of 778,685 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data included a total of 16,310 reports of deaths — an increase of 373 over the previous week.
There were 111,921 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 6,163 compared with the previous week. (Source:
Pinehurst resident, patriot
Odierno passes away at 67

Retired Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, a Pinehurst resident who served as the 38th chief of staff for the U.S. Army, died Friday following a “brave battle with cancer," according to his family. He was 67.

Odierno, a 1976 graduate of West Point, became the Army’s 38th chief of staff in September 2011.

Odierno commanded at every level, from platoon to theater, serving in Germany, Albania, Kuwait, Iraq and the United States. He led the 4th Infantry Division and III Corps in Iraq, served more than 50 months in country, was key in executing the surge of forces in 2007 and served as the top U.S. commander there. (Sources: The Pilot, Army Times)
Parallels abound between
1956 coercion report, 2021

It is no coincidence that every method analyzed and categorized in Biderman’s 1956 Chart of Coercion (imposed on prisoners of war) has been used in varying degrees to impose public health measures in the age of the (Wuhan) coronavirus.

Isolation of entire populations over the past year has “deprived people of all social support and of their ability to resist.”

Monopolization of perception in the age of corona has caused people to affix their attention upon the “immediate predicament” and to “frustrate all actions not consistent with compliance.” (Source: The Jerusalem Post)
Trusted Sources

  • Real America's Voice The home of War Room: Pandemic, hosted by Stephen Bannon. Perhaps the best intel and insight in the digital media universe. Live 10 am and 5 pm daily or via podcast.

  • Just The News Launched by investigative journalist John Solomon, who left mainstream media to do the reporting it no longer will do. Content includes exclusive breaking news and podcasts.

  • American Greatness: A content rich news and analysis site featuring many of the nation's leading observers of the war on our values, including the great Victor Davis Hanson. Read his latest, Democrats No More.

  • The Epoch Times: A comprehensive print and digital news publication (some content requires a subscription) with roots in opposing human rights abuses in Communist China. It's investigative reporting is second to none. On August 25, Epoch TV released a report through its Counterpunch series, entitled, How Pro-CCP Communists Are Working to Flip North Carolina. Click to view.

Meet and greet with Emily Stack Candidate, Pinehurst Village Council
THIS Wednesday
6:30 – 8:30 pm
The Market Place Restaurant
246 Olmsted Blvd., Pinehurst
Moore Republican Women
Halloween fundraiser
Whispering Woods Cafe
Whispering Pines
Saturday, October 23
7 - 10 pm
Click here to RSVP today
Constitution Alive!
10-week course
6 - 8 pm
Moore GOP Headquarters
211-E Central Park Ave.
Olmsted Village, Pinehurst
All ages welcome
Course is free
Optional text: $15
Bring dinner, beverages

Pinehurst Village Council candidates
Live on WEEB AM/FM
THIS WEEK! 8:30 am
Wednesday: Jeff Morgan
Friday: Patrick Pizzella
NC Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-9)

Moore County
Board of Commissioners
Tuesday, October 19
5:30 pm
Old Courthouse
Hold this board accountable!
Attend. Address the issues.

Return America presents
Stand Up For America
Friday, October 29
10:30 am
Hallifax Mall
16 W. Jones St., Raleigh
Speakers include:
Lt. Governor Mark Robinson
Dr. Ron Baity
President, Return America
Learn more:

North Carolina 9th District
2021 Patriots Dinner
Thursday, October 30
6 pm (doors open 5:30)
Special guest host:
Brett Winterble, WBT Charlotte
(former Rush guest host)
Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-9)
Kenneth Harper, Rep Mark Walker, Jennifer Barnwart, Gov. Pat McCrory and Marjorie Eastman
Union County Agriculture Center
Monroe, NC

An evening with
Lt. Governor Mark Robinson
A fundraiser
Wednesday, November 10
Details TBD.

Moore Republican Women present
A Candy Cane Ball
Wednesday, December 15
Country Club of North Carolina
To benefit the Moore Republican
Men's Club PAC
Details TBD.

"In modern society, our predisposition toward fear is largely maladaptive. Your chances of being chased by a bear are minimal. In fact, your chances of dying from unnatural causes have never been lower. The world has never been safer. With COVID-19, though, we are constantly fed the life or death narrative. The message from the government and MSM is clear: 'If you enjoy living, then listen to those in power. If instead you enjoy dying, then, by all means, do your own thing'."
John Mac Ghlionn, writing for The Epoch Times, October 10, 2021, is a researcher and essayist. His work has been published by the New York Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Newsweek, and National Review.

"The commonsense reality is that by incentivizing and facilitating illegal immigration (at the Southern border), the Biden administration is making it easier for drugs to pour into the U.S., for human trafficking to expand, and for criminal aliens to infiltrate our society."
published by the New York Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Newsweek, and National Review Former police officer and FBI agent Mark Morgan, also recently acting Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in the Trump administration, during a speech July 22, 2021, at Hillsdale College's Allan P. Kirby Center in Washington.
Freidel named Moore GOP
headquarters coordinator

After several years of dedicated service in the role, Dee Park is relinquishing duties as Moore Republican headquarters coordinator to Michael Freidel. Freidel has become a frequent contributor to many party initiatives. To volunteer at HQ, contact him by email:

Nevada citizens file
malpractice lawsuit

During a recent Clark County School District board meeting, one disgruntled father testified on behalf of a group of fourteen parents who are now filing a $200 million lawsuit against the district over mask requirements. Read more.

Moore GOP radio spot urges
retired vets to register to vote

Stay tuned to WEEB AM and FM.

Oregon state Sens. Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, both Republicans, have petitioned Acting U.S. Attorney Scott E. Asphaug to launch a grand jury investigation into the measurement of COVID-19 statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read more.

Texas Gov. Abbott bans
vaccine mandates 100%

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on October 11 issued another executive order cracking down on COVID-19 vaccine mandates — this time banning any entity in Texas, including private businesses, from requiring vaccinations for employees or customers. Read more. Why can't NC have a patriotic governor?
Honoring Glenda
Above: Retiring election integrity champion and director of the Moore County Board of Elections Glenda Clendenin was feted during an October 10 reception hosted by the Moore GOP at the Country Club of North Carolina. Rep. Jamie Boles (NC-52) bestowed upon her the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, making her a state Ambassador Extraordinary. Sen. Tom McInnis (NC-25) presented a U.S. flag that flew above the state capitol in Glenda's honor.

Below: The official Order presented by the Governor of North Carolina. Well wishers filled the CCNC main ballroom to hear from longtime admirers and members of her church choir of which she was director for many years.
The New York Times editorial board decrees it is time to design a new American flag for a better tomorrow. Below: West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin begs for fellow Sen. Chuck Schumer to stop talking. Bottom: The Envelope Squad assembled at Moore County GOP headquarters to begin addressing, by hand, 10,000 envelopes to inform voters ahead of the Nov. 2 municipal elections. Thanks to Laura Sumrall for coordinating.
Dr. Bryan Ardis

Hospital protocols murdering
virus patients with Remdesivir

Click on the image above to see Dr. Bryan Ardis explain his research and walk you through each of the reports he uses in his 67-page COVID report. See simple facts about the nasty side effects of the current status quo for treating COVID-19 and why you should stand up for your health and the health of your loved ones.
School board watch

Observations by Moore County school board member David Hensley:

To solve long standing problems, we must ensure we understand the true cause of the issues and not rely upon trendy theories driven by the leftist legacy media, the Democrats and other activists.

In fact, NC General Statute § 115C-105.27 (Development and approval of school improvement plans) requires all school in NC to, at least over two years, “(i) analyze student data and identify root causes for problems”

In (a October 5) school improvement work session, I rejected the notion of "bias" by Moore County Schools faculty and staff as the “root cause” of disparity in outcomes and suggested other environmental issues as being a major reason certain groups of children perform poorly in school.
Recently, I ran across (a report at about the affects of single parenthood on poverty (it is the single largest indicator of poverty and single parents are five times more likely to live in poverty) and the rates of single parenthood broken down by racial subgroup. Read more.

Not surprisingly, the rate of single parent households presented in the article directly correlates how those subgroups perform in our Moore County Schools.

I would ask administrators and central senior staff to make sure they truly understand the root causes of poor academic performance by subgroups before implementing trendy programs and/or before blaming teachers and staff of "bias" as the root cause of disparate outcomes.

(Editor's note: Discover the truth about Social Emotional Learning our board would never share with parents or citizens. Click here.)
If you know, you know ...
The JD and Maureen Show

John Zumwalt and Maureen Krueger keep us focused on government overregulation and abuse during their new WEEB Sunday 1 p.m. show, an hourlong discussion of local and statewide issues, some well known, others uncovered by the co-hosts.

If your golf tee times or Sunday brunch rituals conflict, fear not. Go to Click on Podcasts on the lefthand navigation. Scroll to the John and Maureen Show. Click on the show you wish to hear. Click here. Photo: With legendary Lee Greenwood, August 16, 2021, Aberdeen, NC.