Dear FACT Families, Friends, and Community Partners,
August is here, and yes, the start of school is right around the corner. Of course, we know that school will look very different this year, but one thing that remains the same is that it’s important to stay as connected as possible with your school district. Recently, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released an update to its guidance for the 2020-21 school year, as well as metrics that must be met for schools to re-open for hybrid or in-person instruction
ODE is expected to release another update in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, use this time to again make sure that you’re receiving updates from your school/district (via social media, newsletters, etc) and that you’re an active participant in any virtual school board meetings and/or information nights. Your voice matters and will help influence your school district’s plans for the fall. In this month's newsletter, we're including an important message about the 2020-21 school year from FACT Oregon Program Coordinator, Cori Mielke and be sure to visit our COVID-19 web page, where you'll find our Special Education and Distance Learning toolkit as well as our Special Education and Distance for Little Ones toolkit and other resources to use as reference points as you plan for the return to school. And don't miss our August 13 webinar in partnership with Providence Children's Health Swindells Resource Center, "Back to School Tips and Tools: Preparing for a successful school year" where we'll share some ways to support your child as the school year begins.
Lastly, it’s not too late to register for the All Ability Tri4Youth 2020 Virtual Challenge! Our all Ability Tri4Youth has been a 2.53 mile triathlon - the combined distance of the swim, bike, and run. This year, for our 2020 Virtual Challenge, join us and 2.53 your way! Remember, registration is FREE and EVERY participant will receive a medal!
All the best,
Roberta Dunn, FACT Oregon Executive Director
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AUGUST 13 at 6:30 PM: Back to School Tips and Tools: Preparing for a successful school year (**In partnership with Providence Children’s Health Swindells Resource Center**)

Learn helpful back to school tips like developing a one-page profile, how to best support your child during COVID-19 restrictions in the classroom and other environments, using social stories to help with school expectations and establishing and maintaining bedtime routines.

***For more information or help with registration, please contact the Swindells Resource Center at or by phone at 503-215-2429***

20 de Agosto a la 6:00 PM: Consejos y herramientas para el regreso a la escuela (En Español)

**En colaboración con el Centro de Recursos de Providence Children’s Health Swindells**

La preparación para transiciones exitosas al año escolar: Únase a Paulina Larenas, con FACT Oregon, compartiendo formas diferentes para una transición fluida de regreso a la escuela para su hijo, que incluya: Desarrollar un “perfil de una página,” identificar información clave para apoyar mejor a su hijo durante el COVID en el aula y otros entornos, usar historias sociales para prepararse para la escuela o el aprendizaje a distancia, iniciar rutinas a la hora de dormir y otros consejos.


503-215-2429 o 541-732-5958

An Important Message About The 2020-21 School Year:
From FACT Oregon Program Coordinator, Cori Mielke:

Districts across Oregon are starting to release their 2020-21 school year plans under Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority guidance. As a parent, like me, you might be wondering what this could look like for your child, particularly if you have a student with an IEP. 

Before we can really talk about what to expect, it’s important to understand how educational decisions are made in Oregon.

Oregon is a local-control state, meaning that the governing and management of public schools is largely conducted by elected or appointed representatives serving on governing bodies, like school boards, and are located in the communities served by the schools. Districts are still making decisions related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but they must meet the criteria of the state’s stay-home order. The Oregon Department of Education is issuing guidance documents to schools and districts to help with their planning. Connect with your school district on social media, through their newsletters, and/or listen to board meetings to learn about your district’s plans.

Distance learning as we knew it in the spring is over.
Remember, recordings of our Special Education and the IEP: Distance Learning, Special Education and Distance Learning: What You Need to Know Toolkit, Parent Participation during Remote IEP Meetings, Managing Stress and Building Resilience During Crisis, Distance Learning for Little Ones, Distance Learning and Present Levels: What are they, why does it matter, and preparing for the Fall, COVID-19, Unemployment, and ABLE Accounts, and Wrapping up the school year: End of year communication webinars are also available now to watch, no registration required!
**Recordings in Spanish are also available on our website.**
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In previous years, the All Ability Tri4Youth has been a 2.53 mile triathlon - the combined distance of the swim, bike, and run. This year, for our 2020 Virtual Challenge, join us and 2.53 your way!

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