August 2019 Newsletter
Dear FACT Oregon friends,

Do you remember the chewing gum Juicy Fruit? I was eight years old on a bus full of children I’d never met when my mom walked over to the window and passed me a pack of gum and shared that it was friendship gum. It worked by you taking a piece out and turning to the kid next to you and saying, “Hi, my name is Roberta, would you like a stick of gum?”

The start of school is right around the corner and for some of you it means schedules and academics weighing heavy on you, and for some it might be transportation, availability of needed supports, or any number of things.
We are highlighting the stories of two families this month, showing how they
started their child off on the right foot at the start of the school year. We’d love to hear your story too! You can email your story to our Communications Manager, Rebecca Schulman, at .

We are also sharing the 2019-20 FACT Oregon Regional Summit locations. These are AMAZING opportunities to connect with families, community partners and local community resources. Find the one closest to you and get it in your calendar. You don’t want to miss it!!

Roberta Dunn, FACT Oregon Executive Director
Introducing...our 2019/20
Regional Learning Summits!
Give us a day...we'll give you all we've got!
Mark your calendars, because we're coming to a region near you! We're excited to announce Regional Learning Summits will be happening across the state; We’re taking the show on the road to eight NEW locations and have added NEW workshops!
Grants Pass : September 28, 2019
Redmond : October 19, 2019
Hood River : November 2, 2019
Portland : January 25, 2020
Newport : February 22, 2020
Eugene : February 29, 2020 
Baker : March 2020 (TBD)
Hermiston : April 2020 (TBD)
Join us for a day jam-packed with informative trainings, local community resources, and opportunities to meet families in your community. This day is for you!

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn: 
  • Advocacy tips for navigating special education, the IEP process and healthy team dynamics, learning the lingo and acronyms (IEP, FBA, AT, LRE...oh MY!)
  • What to know about Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE)
  • kindergarten, to middle school and high school
  • Transition and preparing for adulthood
  • ...and why “Charting your Vision for the Future” using your child’s strengths and a One Page Profile is critical to success!

We know that connecting with the community is an important part of living a whole life, that is why there will be opportunities to learn more about local resources and to connect with parents near you!

Thank you to our sponsors The Autzen Foundation, Oregon Able Savings Plan and The Ford Family Foundation!

The Faces of FACT: Jennifer Maddox Perry
"A few months ago I posted on Facebook about how we received a formal complaint against my daughter, Anna, from another student at school. The principal called me into her office to inform me of what was going on and she reassured me that Anna was protected by her IEP and that she hadn’t done anything wrong. While meeting with the principal, I mentioned to her how I was thinking about asking Anna's Gen Ed teacher to show a video called 'Just like you' to inform the students about Down Syndrome.

With a friend’s help, I made a flyer for all the 4th-grade teachers to hand out to the students explaining who Anna was. We ended up going into three of the four 4th grade classrooms with Anna. We showed the video then had the kiddos go around and say what they liked about Anna and ask her questions. The things that students liked about Anna were amazing to hear:

• Beautiful as a butterfly
• Helps Everybody
• Good friend
• Treats people nice
• Very smart
• Polite
• Makes friends easily
• Inspirational that you’re always yourself (this is my favorite one)

One student said that they never knew what caused Down Syndrome. A few students asked Anna what was it like having Down Syndrome. Anna's SpEd teacher responded back saying, 'Well, it's like asking you what is it like being you'!

The students were very interested in learning about Down Syndrome and this experience helped them understand it and Anna better. This mama now wants to reach out to other schools to have them educate students about Down Syndrome as well!

It's important for me to share this story, as I want to share what it means for us to turn a negative into a positive. As a result of educating all the 4th graders, even more students are saying “hi” to Anna in the halls and playing with her at recess." 
Courtney Hansen's Story
Courtney Hansen had a goal to see her twins graduate together in the year 2031. She recognized that their path would be hard fought, and worked tirelessly to get them both started on the right track.

Then she realized the value of her village.

Volunteer With Us!
We still need volunteers for the All Ability Tri4Youth on August 10! There's something for everyone and we can promise a fun day for all!

Sponsor An Athlete At The All Ability Tri4Youth!
The All Ability Tri4Youth is almost here! Help keep this event accessible for all by sponsoring an athlete! Sponsorship starts at $35 per athlete, but any amount helps, and will go directly to making sure those who experience a financial burden will still get to enjoy all that the All Ability Tri4Youth
has to offer.

Together, we can change the face of disability and bring the power of inclusion to community sports!

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