As MPCSD continues planning for fall reopening, we will bring you updates following each School Board special meeting, and additionally as necessary with parent surveys or other time sensitive information. On Thursday night, June 25, Superintendent Burmeister presented the C19 Team's planning progress and the Board gave input and direction towards several items. You may watch the full meeting or view the slide presentation . While all decisions and recommendations could change as planning continues , here are highlights from the meeting:
Alternating Week Model & Possible Modifications
  • Superintendent Burmeister and the Board affirmed their commitment to supporting the six-foot physical distancing recommendation in San Mateo County's Pandemic Recovery Framework (PRF) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reopening school guidelines.
  • The Board is not intending to modify the physical distancing guidelines against the PRF and CDPH recommendations, but may do so if those agencies modify them. Should the CDPH and PRF decrease the physical distancing recommendation guidelines, and the Board decides to follow suit, MPCSD would consider bringing back all students full-time.
  • Planning is moving ahead based on a 5-day in-person week.
  • The Board supported Superintendent Burmeister's recommendation to bring back kindergarteners to campus daily, with an AM/PM model. More information will be provided to kinder parents soon.
  • The Board also supported the recommendation to bring back first grade daily if the district receives special funding from the CARES Act, a decision the Governor is expected to make soon. 
  • If funding allows, and first graders are brought back daily, and the district's most vulnerable students are provided for, then the Board also supports bringing back one additional elementary grade level or using the funds to bolster the at-home week instruction for all students. 
Distance Learning (this is 100% off-campus learning for families who choose not to send their children back to school in person)
  • Distance Learning will be managed at the district level rather than the site level.
  • Students in Distance Learning will be grouped with grade level peers from across the district.
  • Distance Learning will be taught by MPCSD teachers with contracted additional support as needed.
  • Spanish Immersion students who also choose Distance Learning will receive the same English-only program that all Distance Learning students receive, plus as much Spanish Language instruction as possible.
  • Families in Spanish Immersion are encouraged to strongly consider choosing the Alternating Week Blended Model over Distance Learning, especially for K-2 students.
In-Person Learning K-5 (this is the on-campus week of the alternating week model)
Superintendent Burmeister provided some clarity around what would likely be included in the in-person week:
  • Social emotional learning and Community Circles
  • English Language Arts (ELA) and Math anchor instruction
  • Science and History integrated into ELA and math lessons
  • Art or Library, depending on site preference
  • Small group support and extension
  • Physical education
At-Home Learning K-5 (this is the off-campus week of the alternating week model)
Superintendent Burmeister provided some clarity around what is being planned for the at-home blended learning, emphasizing that live, synchronous learning will be prioritized:
  • Community Circles live with in-person group
  • Social studies/science content lessons
  • MPCSD's "Uncommon Core" - cursive, keyboarding, grade level experiences, etc.
  • ELA and math practice and extension
  • Counselor-designed social emotional learning
  • Music and World Language
  • Art or Library, depending on site preference
  • Intervention support
In-Person and At-Home Learning 6-8 (HIllview) 
The Middle School schedule is still being worked out and will be communicated soon. Live, synchronous learning will be prioritized in the at-home weeks.
  • Child Care needs could/would be impacted positively by any grade levels that could be brought back full time.
  • Anyone with possible leads on additional facilities that the district could use/lease within or adjacent to MPCSD, please contact Jessica Mihaly at
  • July 2: Next Board meeting at 5:00 p.m. Click here for attending details.
  • July 16: Board meeting at 5:00 p.m.
  • July 23: Publish MPCSD Reopening Plan Document
  • July 23: Publish A week / B week calendar
  • July 23: Provide parent survey #3 requesting more concrete decision for fall
  • July 30: Board meeting at 5:00 p.m.
  • August 7: Publish site-based Reopening Plan Documents and program descriptions
  • August 7: Inform parents of their students' A week / B week assignments
  • August 13: Provide parent survey #4 regarding binding choice for fall
  • August 13: Board meeting at 5:00 p.m.
  • August 17: Inform parents of teacher assignments and middle school class schedules (for alternating week model and DL)
  • August 20: Open schools

School site and district advisory teams continue to meet throughout the summer. COVID-19 response guidance for the reopening of schools continues to change and adapt as the virus’ impact and the social-political environment that influences guidance also change. MPCSD staff remain attuned to the evolving situation with openness and dexterity. Parents are encouraged to do the same, as the delivery of school can and likely will change before the school year begins and even throughout the next school year. 
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