Open up her world. Give a girl a scholarship.
                         July 2017                                     

Isatu is a remarkable girl. She’s an orphan determined to stay in school.  With help from Sherbro Foundation scholarships, she has made it to her senior year!

Each day is a challenge in Bumpeh Chiefdom. Isatu lost both her parents as a young girl. She lives with her aunt, a farmer, in a small village of mud houses outside Rotifunk. With no public transportation, Isatu and her friends walk six miles to school as dawn breaks.

After school, Isatu walks six miles home again, and then helps her aunt in the field, tending cassava, rice and greens. They grow their own food, but have little left to sell for income for school fees. Darkness comes by 6:30 year-round near the equator. Isatu can’t afford a lamp to study in the evening.

Yet Isatu has big plans. She wants to become a lawyer.

Read more here about Isatu and how you can help her and girls like her realize their dreams. It starts with a $17 scholarship that keeps them in school learning for a full year.

The Girls Scholarship Fund is 4 years old! Our goal this year is 350 scholarships.

You can open up a girl's world to new possibilities with a scholarship for only $17.
Do more and outfit her with a scholarship and a new school uniform for $35!
It’s easy with an online gift: I'll send a girl to school.  

More good news: Our Board pledges to match each gift. You’ll help twice as many girls!

Bumpeh Chiefdom’s girls tell us: “We’re ready to learn.”

Open up their world. Give girls a scholarship. Thank you!

   -- Arlene Golembiewski, Executive Director

Bumpeh Chiefdom's girls face incredible challenges to go to secondary school. 
Yet they persevere.

Alima, 8th grade student at Bumpeh Academy

It's so much more than you think.

Bumpeh Academy Junior Secondary students
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