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The end of the school year is upon us! How can you improve or implement traffic controls in your local school zones over the summer? Check out how we can help you get ready for the Fall semester!
ELTEC 's S chool Zone System may be AC or DC solar powered.

Since 1968 ELTEC has been a leading provider o programmable time clocks   for the flashing beacons in School Zones. A system can be configured with one or two amber/yellow flashing signals per pole. Some municipalities require a “tattle tail” light, which faces the opposite direction of the signals. It confirms to authorities that the school lights are indeed ON/working as scheduled.
RRFB's are also approved for school use.
 The RRFB is a rectangular shaped, high intensity signal head, which flashes in a wig-wag, rapid flickering pattern. The alternating signals provide direct, ultra-bright concentration as well as wide-angle intensity. The beacons are pedestrian activated: push button or passive detection (several options available).

Interim approval for the RRFB's can be found at the following site:

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School Bus