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The Results Of The Schoolhouse!

We really had a good time presenting the four 30 minute schoolhouses at the Shipshewana Quiltfest! From the feedback during the sessions, the participants did, too!

Reactions were all great. One quilter said in the first session "I love your classes! I always check the schedule for yours and come your first session so I won't miss anything!"  Some commented that they had learned what was causing them their problems. And, a lot of "Thank you" comments! There was even the quite unexpected "Wow! You're projecting your sewing machine's needle through your cell phone! I'm impressed!" [The session was not on using cell phone projection technique, but the enthusiasm was appreciated!]

The room was full. They were sitting on the teacher's desk, standing around the room, and there were quite a few sitting on the floor at my feet [they were worshiping Ruth, not me].

For the session was titled "Mastering the Machine Blanket Stitch with Raw Edge Applique", Ruth had prepared a 18 slide PowerPoint presentation for the first 15 minutes. This was followed by a real-time, projected demonstration of the points she had made during the presentation. It was projected onto the classroom screen so that even the people standing in the back could see the detail. The projected demonstration was of her sewing applique on her Jenome 6600 using real fabric in the shapes from the handouts that we provided.

She started the presentation saying everyone says "to get good at it [applique], all you have to do is practice," but the question is always "Practice What?" So, we provided 200 copies of Ruth's applique "Practice Shapes" handout. Her demonstration used those exact shapes. She demonstrated: 
  • Knowing your machine,
  • Curves,
  • Straights,
  • Inside v outside techniques,
  • Corners of varying types,
  • Recovering from mistakes, and
  • Getting the end and the beginning to look like they were continuous.
There were a few details in the slides that were discussed, such as:
  • Length v width of stitches,
  • Making your personal Stitch Chart, and
  • The effects of thread color.
She also recommended a couple of products that you can get at your local quilt shop to make applique easier: "Print N Fuse" and the "Applique Pressing Sheet".  
As you can see in the photo from one of the classes, there were a lot of applique samples available.
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Give us a call if you would like "Raggedy" Ruth to provide this, or other demonstrations / classes / workshops / talks at you club, guild, church or organization.
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