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A little knowledge...

In 2012, 78 million students were enrolled in school from pre-school through college.

 March 2020 - Covid-19 is here and the schools have closed.  Some for a few weeks, others for the remainder of the year.  Parents are home with their children...Many of them have picked up up lesson plans that will help their children keep up with the year.


But we are not teachers...How do we do this, how do we keep our children engaged during this challenging time when we ourselves are unsure?

Keep them engaged with a little reminder that you KNOW how hard they are trying and that you are there with them.  

Create a PERSONALIZED message letting them know how proud you are of them with 3 lines of engraving on our trophies and medals.
Spelling Bee
Gold, Silver or Bronze
Ten Star Art
Gold, Silver or Bronze
Lamp Of knowledge
Gold, Silver or Bronze
Just remember...

Every child is unique.   Try different learning styles such as learning games, reading out loud, experiments...whatever works for your child. 
Stay organized.  The best way to stay on track is to stay organized. 
Talk to other parents.  Even if it is just over Skype or Zoom, connecting with others in the same boat let you know that we are all in this together. Reach out to other parents for advice and direction. Share your stories and laugh your way through these difficult times.
Tackle the hard subjects first.  Work on subjects, such as math or science, that are more challenging for your children; teach those in the morning when everyone is more alert.
Keep it fun.  Look for creative ways to make learning fun.
Take breaks.  There will be times when you and your children get frustrated. Don't be discouraged! Take a break. Go outside for some sunshine and fresh air, get a snack, or play a game together.
Plan ahead and remember to laugh!  
We are in this together
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